Every band is somebody’s favorite band. But some bands transcend simple fandom and generate their own legion of dedicated followers. Spotify host Yasi Salek dives deep into a different cultishly beloved band each week, complete with curated playlists with the potential to win new converts. Shows focus on drastically different band lifestyles, from the tour cultures of Phish and Dave Matthews to the ‘family’ of Juggalos devoted to Insane Clown Posse and the downright puzzling Gin Blossoms devotees still screaming for ‘Hey Jealousy’ all these years later. Bandsplain is a show where host Yasi Salek invites experts to explain cult bands and iconic artists—and why people love them—using a curated playlist to help you understand the hype. Bandsplain is a Music + Talk show, which allows you to combine music from Spotify with talk segments by you    
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