BFFs Andrew Walker, Nikki DeLoach Tease ‘Curious Caterer’ Film

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Andrew Walker Says ‘Curious Caterer- Grilling Season’ Costar Nikki DeLoach Is a ‘Witch’ Who Manifested Their Franchise -270

Andrew Walker, Nikki DeLoach.
Allister Foster/Hallmark Media

Witchy woman! Andrew Walker gushed over his Curious Caterer costar Nikki DeLoach for manifesting their Hallmark Movies & Mysteries franchise.

DeLoach, 43, exclusively told Us Weekly on Wednesday, February 1, that she had a “vision” for her and Walker, also 43, to collaborate on a Hallmark mystery film series.

“I think I said [to] you, it was like the top of 2020 or maybe the end of 2019, and I said, ‘I wanna find a mystery wheel for us,’” the Taking the Reins actress said while doing a joint interview with Walker. “’If I have to develop it, I’ll develop it. But, I wanna find a wheel for us.’”

The Three Wise Men and a Baby actor chimed in, telling DeLoach that she needs to “clarify” her visions, because they aren’t random.

Andrew Walker Says ‘Curious Caterer- Grilling Season’ Costar Nikki DeLoach Is a ‘Witch’ Who Manifested Their Franchise -271

Andrew Walker, Nikki DeLoach.
Allister Foster/Hallmark Media

“Her visions come true. Nikki Deloach is a witch,” Walker quipped. “She’s a witch living amongst us.”

The Awkward alum didn’t argue. In fact, she detailed how her desire to work with Walker on the detective-style movie came about.

“If it’s dropped into me, it’s almost like something gets channeled and I will have, like, a flash of an image of something — or I will dream of, like, a scene or something will come to me,” DeLoach told Us on Wednesday. “And this was something that came to me and I was like, ‘I think you and I have to do a mystery wheel together. I don’t exactly know what it is yet, but I saw it. I saw us doing this.’”

The duo appeared in four Hallmark rom-coms together before signing on to helm 2022’s Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate. In the second mystery film, Curious Caterer: Grilling Season, Walker reprised his role as detective Tom Schultz, while DeLoach returned as caterer and amateur sleuth Goldy Berry.

The new drama, which premieres on Sunday, February 5, was the “next best” project for the longtime friends, according to the A Maple Valley Christmas actor.

“Honestly, it’s exactly what I would hope for in my evolution [with] Hallmark,” Walker confessed. “This is … exactly where I want to be.”

DeLoach, meanwhile, teased that Grilling Season, which follows Goldy and Tom’s search for the killer of a local realtor, played to their joint strengths as actors.

“[The writer] infused a lot more comedy into this. He also saw that Andrew and I, we’re physically, like, active,” she explained. “This is where we end up having so much in common. We love to work out, we love to eat well, we love to listen to podcasts about health and wellness. He owns a juice business. Like, you know, getting to do active stuff in the movie also really turns us on. That’s really fun.”

The Cranberry Christmas actress promised “action” and “humor” and “romance,” confessing that the “slow burn” between the two characters may leave fans wanting more — and yearning for a third film.

Whether another Curious Caterer movie comes to fruition or not, both DeLoach and Walker have no plans of stopping their partnership.

“I truly love Andrew Walker so much, like, family. The fact that we get to go do that and work together and do these movies, it’s so cool,” Five More Minutes actress said.

The Bottled With Love actor echoed his costar’s sentiments, telling DeLoach, “I just love you so much.”

Walker continued: “Hallmark is so lucky to have her. And then I get this opportunity to be working the most with Nikki, which is just such an awesome place to be. She challenges me. She’s there for me and she supports me. It’s great. We got the same work ethic. It’s a beautiful thing we got going on.”

Curious Caterer: Grilling Season premieres on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Sunday, February 5, at 7 p.m. ET.

With reporting by Kat Pettibone

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