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August 18, 2022 - Uncategorized

If delivering jokes in front of a live studio audience was their worst nightmare, Demi Lovato faced those demons — and did it with a laugh.

Lovato’s late-night takeover continues on The Tonight Show, as Lovato stepped out of their comfort zone and into NBC’s Studio 6B, where they took up co-hosting duties with regular boss, Jimmy Fallon.

The “Confident” singer joined Fallon in front of the blue curtain to help him deliver his regular monologue.



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Demi Lovato Cracks Jokes as Co-Host

Jimmy Fallon and Demi Lovato on “The Tonight Show.”

Photo credit: Todd Owyoung/NBC

On the first of their three-night takeover, Lovato admitted the idea of standup gave her the chills.

“I don’t want people not laughing at my jokes, that would be mortifying,” she told Fallon.

On Wednesday (Aug. 17), they went with the flow, playing support to the wisecracking lead.

Wearing a pinstriped suit, Lovato hit gags about Airbnb, daft TikTok trends, Adidas’ sun-powered headphones and more.

Later, the pop star took a seat behind Fallon’s desk for interviews with show guests Kenan Thompson and Jeremy Allen White, and participated in a round of “Can You Feel It,” a wince-inducing game where each co-host dunks their hands into a mystery box and tries to identify the contents.

Lovato had the honors of touching a jell-o mold with troll heads, and guessed correctly.

Squeamish, yes. But there were no complaints. There were greater surprises to come. 

Watch below.

The Tonight Show takeover concludes Thursday night (Aug. 18), and serves as handy promo weapon for the release Friday of Lovato’s seventh studio album Holy Fvck, and a warmup for their full-scale tour of the Americas in support.

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