Michael B. Jordan Talks Lori Harvey Breakup, Raya App

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Single and ready to mingle! Michael B. Jordan opened up about his split from Lori Harvey for the first time during his Saturday Night Live hosting debut.

“20 years [after my first acting gig on All My Children], I just directed my very first movieCreed III. But, right after that I went through my very first public breakup,” the Fruitvale Station actor, 35, said during his Saturday, January 28, monologue, referring to the model, 25. “Now, most people after a breakup are like, ‘I’m gonna get in better shape.’ But, I was already in Creed shape! So, I had to be like, ‘Alright, I guess I’ll learn a new language.’ Anyway, estoy en Raya.”

He continued: “After the breakup, everyone thought I was so heartbroken because when the news came out, I was at a basketball game and they caught me looking [disappointed]. Look, I was just chilling but the Internet decided that was me being sad. Lucky for me, if you Google ‘Sad Michael Jordan’ the first 8,000 results are [of the basketball star crying].”

Michael B. Jordan Talks Recovering From Lori Harvey Heartbreak as ‘SNL’ Women Pitch Future Romances

Michael B. Jordan and Punkie Johnson during the ‘SNL’ Monologue on January 28, 2023.
Rosalind O’Connor/NBC

Us Weekly previously confirmed in June 2022 that the All My Children alum and Harvey had split after more than one year together. While the SKN by LH founder has been candid about the breakup before moving on with Damson Idris, Jordan remained quiet after deleting her pics from his Instagram.

The Without Remorse star’s single status quickly turned heads on the SNL set with cast members Chloe Fineman, Heidi Gardner, Ego Nwodim and Punkie Johnson all interrupting his monologue to shoot their shot about a potential fling.

“Hey, Michael, I didn’t even know you were out here. I was just taking a walk around the studio, and I just threw this on,” Nwodim, 34, nonchalantly said on Saturday, referring to the bridal gown and veil that she wore. “Oh my God, is this a wedding dress? I guess we could technically get married now then, huh?”

After Jordan — who was joined on the show by musical guest Lil Baby — informed her “that’s not how” marriage works, the comic had other ideas in mind.

“Oh, our first fight. Should we have make-up sex?” Nwodim eagerly added.

Before stepping on the NBC stage on Saturday, the Black Panther II: Wakanda Forever star jokingly struggled to shed his Creed boxing training.

“It’s muscle memory,” Jordan joked in his SNL promo after stage-punching cast member Marcello Hernandez in the nose — twice. “Yeah, it’s broken.”

Hernandez, 25, who joined SNL earlier this season, was terrified because he “can’t have a broken nose.” He explained: “I’m known for my looks, not my talent.”

Jordan responded: “I know how that feels. We’re good though, right?”

Michael B. Jordan Talks Recovering From Lori Harvey Heartbreak as ‘SNL’ Women Pitch Future Romances

Michael B. Jordan and Chloe Fineman during the ‘SNL’ Monologue on January 28, 2023.
Rosalind O’Connor/NBC

After the comedian assured the Black Panther star that they were cool, and the human resources department did not need to know, Jordan was disappointed in himself. “Don’t ever embarrass me like that again,” he quipped to his fist.

The Friday Night Lights alum — who plays boxer Adonis Creed in the Creed film franchise — has an impressive workout regimen to stay in shape for the Rocky spinoffs and other projects.

“It’s his ability to not quit and push harder. A lot of people who [are] under the stress of getting ready for movies have to deal with day-to-day life and businesses,” personal trainer Corey Calliet exclusively told Us Weekly in April 2021 of working with the Journal for Jordan actor. “They have the leisure of not going as hard. Michael is the opposite. When it’s time for us to lock in and get it done, it’s like a machine and he does it all.”

He continued at the time: “He would come in, it’d be two, three o’clock in the morning, he’d want to go to the gym and train. [It’s] very impressive because you don’t see that all the time when it comes to like different actors. … We have to do more things that [are] more condition-based, more things cardiovascular style to get him in shape because he only had his shirt off for one scene, so it was mostly important that he can be able to deliver the scenes and look like he needed to look, you know, throughout the movie.”

Jordan has since been gearing up for his anticipated Creed III film follow-up, which is slated for a theatrical release late this year. The new movie will mark the Parenthood alum’s directorial debut.

“This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, by far. It’s a learning curve,” he told MovieMaker magazine in a cover story published earlier this month. “This is the first time I’m going through this, so every day I’m learning something new. Every day you’re finding new limits. Limitations in terms of f—king bandwidth, limitations on thought, limitations on patience, on decision making, decisiveness — limitations on pure bodily strength to get up in the morning and do it every day.”

Saturday Night Live airs on NBC Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET.

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