Why I Spilled Ashley Jones’ Pregnancy News

January 19, 2023 - Uncategorized

Catelynn Lowell isn’t apologizing. The Teen Mom star shared a lengthy note explaining why she revealed Ashley Jones’ pregnancy on the latest episode of Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

On the Tuesday, January 17, episode, viewers saw Briana DeJesus and Ashley, 25, get into an explosive fight involving their respective moms, Roxanne and Tea. As Briana threatened to “kick” the California native’s “motherf—king throat,” Ashley spit on her, leading the foursome to begin throwing things at each other.

As Catelynn, 30, remained outside during the drama, she informed her costars, including Jade Cline, that Ashley was pregnant. (Ashley and ex Bar Smith are parents of daughter Holly, 5.)

In a Wednesday, January 18, lengthy Twitter post, Catelynn explained that “at the time of this whole altercation between Ashley & Briana, there were only 2 of us girls who knew Ashley was pregnant. I was outside when the actual physical part of the fight happened but I told Ashley (after all the yelling incident at dinner) that she doesn’t need this stress, drama, etc. because it’s not good for her & the baby!”

The Michigan native continued: “It was AFTER I knew about the physical attacks & risks, that I decided to let Jade know about Ashley being pregnant so that way everyone would at least know! Because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen!”

Catelynn — who has starred on the Teen Mom franchise since its 2009 inception with 16 and Pregnant — reflected on her decision but concluded that she made the right one.

“Was it right of me to tell Jade about Ashley being pregnant? No! … But honestly, I never thought Ashley would ever get physical & take that kind of risk with someone knowing she’s pregnant!” she noted. “If I were ever trying to fight some girl, I’d want to know if she’s pregnant or not! Or if I had a friend I knew who was hiding a pregnancy & she didn’t have control of her emotions & was about to get into a physical altercation with someone, you best believe I’d be running up there screaming at everyone involved, ‘She’s pregnant! Don’t touch her!’ so I could try & lessen the risk of something dangerous happening to her & her baby!”

The microblading expert closed her post by confirming she “will ALWAYS put safety over loyalty when it comes to prioritizing what’s more important and I won’t ever be sorry for it!”

Teen Mom: Family Reunion’s second season has seen its fair share of drama, including a heart-wrenching moment between Catelynn and her mom, April, who have had a tumultuous relationship throughout the years.

On the January 10 episode of the show, Catelynn cried as she confronted her mom over the way she was treated as a child as April sobbed.

The reality star has been candid about her journey since her 2009 episode of 16 and Pregnant, which saw her and her then-boyfriend, Tyler Baltierra — the two tied the knot in 2015 — place their first-born daughter, Carly, for adoption.

The Baltierras have gone on to have three more daughters: Novalee, 8, Vaeda, 3, and Rya Rose, who was born in August 2021.

In December 2022, Catelynn exclusively opened up to Us Weekly about how she and Tyler, also 30, speak to their children about Carly’s adoption.

“It’s all about honesty, really, when it comes to adoption,” she shared. “When they’re old enough, we can watch that together.”

She added that the conversations around the topic “will continuously evolve as my daughters get older and I have to keep explaining it,” but emphasized that “being honest and transparent I think is the best way to parent when it comes to our story.”

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