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April 29, 2024 - Art


#Dudi Ben Simon

April 29, 2024

Kate Mothes

two pieces of toast pulling a yellow rubber glove that looks like the cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich

All images © Dudi Ben Simon, shared with permission

When Dudi Ben Simon observes the world around her, visual puns and parallels are everywhere: a cinnamon bun stands in for a hair bun; the crinkled top of a lemon is cinched like a handbag; or yellow rubber glove stretches like melted cheese. “I see it as a type of readymade, a trend in art created by using objects or daily life items disconnected to their original context, changing their meanings and creating a new story from them,” the artist says. “I attempt to preserve the regular appearance of the items, but with a switch.”

Ben Simon also takes inspiration from the directness of advertising, focusing on a finely tuned, deceptively simple message that can both be read quickly and provoke humor or curiosity. “I truly believe in minimalism,” she says. “What is not required to tell the story does not exist.”

See more playful takes on everyday objects on Ben Simon’s Instagram. You might also enjoy Eric Kogan’s serendiptous street photography around New York City.


a croissant with dark brown stripes with a belt buckle extending from it as if the belt has been wrapped around the pastry

two image side by side showing, on the left, a wine bottle positioned like the heel of a stiletto with a cork next to it, and on the right, a lemon with the crinkled top around the stem looking cinched by an attached purse string

a photograph of a woman with her hair tied up in a bun, and a cinnamon bun situated where her own hair bun would be

a yellow Birkenstock sandal with a banana peel strapped through one of the buckles

a yellow rubber glove drapes off of a shelf, with a broken egg shell near it, resembling the liquid part of the egg dripping a daisy with a missing petal, which is replaced by a woman's long, white fingernail that resembles the shape of a petal

#Dudi Ben Simon


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