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March 2, 2024 - Art


Doug Aitken “Now” 2013
Powder coated metal, black felt, assorted plants | 38″ x 103″ x 7 1/8″
Regen Projects
PC: Monica Marks at Frieze 2024

Hi my art friends!!

Art and cake and Shoebox Arts has always had as its primary focus the idea to support artists however we can.

I would love to use our Instagram to share work by as many artists as we can. (I know, Instagram can be a bugger, with changing algorithms, but I am going to milk everything I can from it while it is here and still helping the art world)

I can use your help!!

When you go to an art event, any art event and take photos of OTHER artists, feel free to tag @artandcakela through the “Invite Collaborator” function. If it is appropriate, I will accept and you will help get the word out about artists and exhibitions others may not have heard of.

This is not about self promotion, so if you tag your own artwork, I will decline. This is about lifting others up by sharing their work and events.

Here is a great video on how to “Invite Collaborator” https://youtu.be/olZ27c81Ew4?si=yxYYB__hZ9cXRnHu

You can also find more how-to “invite collaborator” on youtube.

Right now, I have slowed down from publishing reviews on Art and Cake, because honestly, I can’t afford to pay writers. And writers deserve to be paid for their work! (Now if I get more Shoebox Arts clients, I may be able to start supporting writers again. Hint, Hint! OR there is a donate button to your right… )

Check out WAGE for fair compensation practices for writers and other art professionals. https://wageforwork.com/

Social media is the next best way to help share the work of so many artists out there. I am happy to be able to do support in this way!!

I look forward to seeing all of the cool artists and events out there.
Of course, this is LA Art Week, and I know this is a little late to the game, but can’t wait to see anything you want to share.
Frankly, sometimes the ideas aren’t obvious from the start… but I get there eventually.

Happy art-going!!
Kristine Schomaker

LA Art Show 2018, Photographer unknown

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