Amy Duggar Allegedly Caught Hiding Baby Bump on Instagram

November 10, 2023 - Culture

Amy Duggar might not be as well-known as some of her relatives (though her alleged fondness for the spotlight has led some critics to dub the former reality star “Famy”), but she still has quite a fan base on social media.

With nearly 450,000 followers on Instagram alone, Amy is no doubt well aware that the content she posts online will be scrutinized and dissected and — in many cases — heavily criticized.

She’s been in the spotlight long enough to expect the constant nit-picking, but that doesn’t mean she enjoys it.

The latest rumor about Jim Bob’s “rebellious” niece holds that Amy is pregnant with her second child.

Amy Duggar poses with her son, Daxton, in October of 2023.
Amy Duggar poses with her son, Daxton, in October of 2023. (Instagram)

But thus far, the so-called proof of Amy’s expectancy is less than compelling.

The first piece “evidence” was the photo above, which Amy posted on Instagram last month.

As you can see, there’s no clear sign of a baby bump, but that’s exactly what set off alarm bells for some conspiracy theorists.

They believe that Amy is wearing a baggy hoodie and slouching so as to hide her protruding midsection.

Frankly, we’re not seeing it, but the lack of convincing proof hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from churning.

Amy Duggar speaks to the camera in an Instagram Story posted in November of 2023.
Amy Duggar speaks to the camera in an Instagram Story posted in November of 2023. (Instagram)

Earlier this week, Amy posted an Instagram Story from her kitchen, and many viewers became convinced that she intentionally concealed her stomach through carefully placed graphics (above).

The tent emoji had to do with the content of the video — Amy was preparing to embark on an autumn camping trip with here husband and son.

(She admitted that she was not looking forward to spending a weekend exposed to the cold, rainy weather of mid-November!)

Amy Duggar poses with her happy family. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

But according to UK tabloid The Sun, several amateur sleuths became convinced that Amy was using the symbols to hide her growing belly.

“My next Duggar pregnancy prediction is Amy!” one commenter wrote on Reddit.

“I think that’s believable, she always hides her stomach,” another added.

Others dampened the enthusiasm of those hoping for an announcement by alleging that Amy lacks the skills necessary to competently parent two children.

Amy Duggar appears in the recent Amazon documentary series Shiny Happy People. (Photo Credit: Amazon)

“FAMY is a god awful parent, and that child is spoiled rotten in a bad way and a terror because of it. I hope to god she doesn’t have anymore,” wrote one such hater.

Needless to say, that’s some extremely harsh criticism, and we’re not entirely sure why so many arrived at the same conclusion about Amy’s parenting.

It’s true that she’s a very permissive mom by the standards of her family …

… But that’s because Jim Bob and other Duggar parents are strict authoritarians who are more concerned with their kids’ obedience than with their happiness or mental health.

For the record, we don’t believe that Amy is pregnant, as she’s stated on numerous occasions that she doesn’t plan on having any more children.

But we’re sure she’s a perfectly competent mother, and if she does have a second kid, it’ll likely be just as happy as her first!

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