Clayton Echard Celebrates Paternity Test Results: I Told Everyone I Was Innocent!

October 7, 2023 - Culture

Clayton Echard is taking a victory lap.

As previously reported, the former Bachelor lead was sued this summer by a woman who claimed she slept with the reality star several months ago… and was now pregnant with his baby as a result.

Echard strongly denied this claim, however.

He said the two only engaged in oral sex and there’s simply no change the impending child belongs to him.

Clayton Echard is all smiles here while appearing on a Bachelor special. (ABC)

He’s now been proven correct, too.

“Listen, it’s Friday and you know what we need on a Friday? We need some good news and who has got the good news today? I got the good news today,” Echard said via an Instagram video on October 6.

“The test results came back early and they said little to no fetal DNA present.

“Let’s go baby! I knew that was going to happen and thankfully five months of torture can finally be put to rest.”

Clayton Echard looks stunned in this photo from his time on The Bachelor. (ABC)

According to various text messages the aforementioned woman released a couple months ago, Echard responded to the baby allegation with some harsh words.

I don’t believe you for a second, he allegedly wrote, along with:

I legitimately hate you right now You have lost your mind and I hope YOU think about how terrible this is that you would subject me to this and My personal hell would be having to have you be a part of my life.

Assuming he really was wrongly accused, we can sort of now see where Clayton was coming from at the time.

Clayton Echard on Hot Seat
Clayton Echard faced a great deal of backlash during his time on The Bachelor. (ABC)

“Two false accusations in two years — I really don’t want to look ahead to next year to see what will happen,” added Echard on Friday.

“I think two false accusations in a lifetime is enough. … This has been a trying time but I learned so much about myself and now back to the regularly scheduled program.”

For those unaware, was also accused of cheating on Susie Evans awhile back, an allegation that also ended up being false.

Echard, Clayton
Clayton Echard is speaking to the camera in this snapshot from an episode of his Bachelor season. (ABC)

The 33-year old unnamed woman at the center of this controversy, meanwhile, spoke to Us Weekly on Friday and said Clayton is still “lying.”

“I just heard from the lab. Here is the relevant part of the [phone] call. Regardless of what Clayton says, the test is not inconclusive,” she said.

The ‘testing is ongoing’ because they said that there was an issue with my sample and that they need another sample from me, which I am giving first thing on Wednesday.

“They have to send a testing kit from Maryland to Arizona, so that’s why there is a delay and why I can’t get it done on Monday.”

Citing an employee at the facility, the woman concluded:

“Brett said that Clayton has been told specifically that even if it were to come back ‘inconclusive’ after this, it definitely does not mean I’m not pregnant and agrees he has misled his followers by saying that.”

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