Jessa Duggar Reveals Baby Name!

December 25, 2023 - Culture

Jessa Duggar has provided fans with an update on her newborn baby.

And it’s an extremely precious one!

As previously reported, the Counting On alum welcomed her fifth child into the world back in December 19, dropping the adorable bombshell via YouTube video a couple days ago.

At the time, we only knew that Jessa had given birth to a boy.

Jessa Duggar makes introductions
Jessa Duggar introduces her latest child to her entire immediate family. (YouTube)

Now, however, courtesy of another YouTube video released on Sunday by Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, we can confirm the following:

The child’s name is George Augustine.

“Throughout the entire pregnancy, Ben and I kept the baby’s gender a secret, and so today, the kids are going to come over to the hospital and get to meet their little sibling for the first time and find out the baby’s gender,” Jessa said in this new footage.

The video then cuts to four-year old daughters Ivy and two-year old daughter Fern — along with sons Henry, 6, and Spurgeon, 9 — arriving at the hospital to learn they now have a brother.

Jessa Duggar and baby number 5
Jessa Duggar is a mother once again! She shared this photo shortly after giving birth. (Instagram)

“They were all hoping for a boy!” Jessa wrote in a text caption over the clip.

Fern ends up climbing into bed alongside her mother and sibling, hoping to be the first to hold little George.

“Just when you think your heart can’t be any more full as a parent, you see your bigger kids loving on the newborn baby, and your heart just swells with emotion,” Jessa says in a voiceover.

“It’s the sweetest thing to witness.”

Jessa Duggar baby bump
Jessa Duggar is so very close to giving birth in this photo! (Instagram)

The video is available on Duggar and Seewald’s official YouTube page.

It also captures footage the parents bringing George home from the hospital, along with a tremendous amount of bonding between immediate family members.

Duggar and Seewald announced this pregnancy in September.

The confirmation of a bun on Duggar’s oven came as a surprise to followers… because Jessa had shared the tragic news of a miscarriage just a few months earlier.

Jessa Duggar poses with Ben Seewald and their first child on Counting On.
Jessa Duggar poses with Ben Seewald and their first child on Counting On. (TLC)

“We were just sitting there holding hands and crying, like, ‘what do we do from here,’” Jessa said in February of her and her husband’s devastated reactions to this immense loss.

“I feel like in some ways miscarriages can be so jarring because you don’t have clear signs of something going wrong.

“I had minimal spotting for 24 hours, and that was it.”

So very sad. And yet now, the family is so very happy.

Jessa Duggar poses in front of a mirror while pregnant with her fifth child.
Jessa Duggar poses in front of a mirror while pregnant with her fifth child. (Instagram)

In her original video announcing the arrival of baby number-five, Jessa said she was in labor for 21 hours.

“The sweetest moment [was] when they raised the baby up and put him on me,” she added.

“Just holding him there, I think there were just so many emotions in that moment [and] so many things that you’re processing.

“It’s been a year since we lost our last baby and just a flood of emotions.”

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