#MusicMonday Review – April 2023

May 9, 2023 - Culture

#MusicMonday is the hashtag I’ve been using for quite a while to share music recommendations from up-and-coming artists. Always fresh, and always different, trying to look for trends before they become one. You can check March’s review for more music.


Welcome to our moody edition, where this month’s music may transport you to a different state, temper, place, or era, all with a word from the artists themselves. 🎧


asia – Twenty twenty


Asia.jpgI never thought

that you would want to fall for me

til you did


Now I don’t know where you are

Doesn’t matter now

So I don’t know where I am


Sometimes you only need a guitar, and inspiration, to set a mood like no other, like this Sad Indie track, coming from Brussels, Belgium:


“I wrote it during Covid so it was largely inspired by the feeling of being stranded hahaha”




The Lonely Together – City Lights



Some men will never find love
They’re chasing all the wrong kind of city girls
And it’s true that there are many
But for me, there was only ever one


I’ve never been so worried
and I’ve never felt so scared
in the knowledge that I cannot be there


From Edinburgh, Scotland, another dreamy mood piece, where the city air feels warm, floodlit by the sun, hanging over the absence of that special someone:


“I wrote it while apart from someone I cared about… the feeling of distance – different cities/views/surroundings and the emotions that stirred up. It’s a real love song.”




Delta – En Mi Lugar




Siete copas tras la barra son algunas de las farras

Que hace tiempo no me pego

Solo puedo dar las gracias peinarme las cuatro canas

Por lo bien que lo hemos hecho


En mi lugar, mirar atrás

Sentir que todo pasa y nada está de más

Un chaval, que no da más

Al fin entiende que todo llega al final

Moving now to Barcelona, this Spanish Pop track offers a nostalgic mood in which time often puts us in our place:


“Well that’s an easy one! Since En mi Lugar is probably the first song with a common ground to share between all our band mates. A bittersweet feeling we all share when we take a look back into our lives only to realize how wonderful our past experiences have been, and at the same time facing the truth of knowing that most of those experiences are never to be repeated again.”




Storm the Palace – Some of the Beasts and Birds We Saw




You and I found this
In a moment, a pause for thought
A faulty rhyme of two straight lines
One pushes back, the other forth


One day you will grow into yourself
And then you will blossom for all to see
And no one will take your for any less
Than you were meant to be


We go back to Edinburgh for a taste of Pagan Pop, complete with its own medieval mood that can make a new adventure from your daily dog walk:


“It started with a bit of graffiti on the river path near my house, which read “some of the beasts and birds we saw”. WillaDavie took this and turned it into lyrics, which I then turned into the song.


I think the song is about the time she and I spent together throughout lockdown, going for walks, drinking in graveyards, talking about life and art and all things in between.”




Pan Arcadia – Deja Vu




We’ve been left to instinct
Left an imprint on my brain
Often it’s been different
But it didn’t feel that way yesterday


I remember on the lawn
How you used to sing along
And I know you remember too
You say you still get satisfaction
From that fast and easy action
I know I still get it too


For our last mood of the month, let’s go to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for an Indie Rock track about that good ‘ole deja vu that gets us through the night in the city:


“The song was inspired by being in quarantine and thinking about summer days in New York City.”



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