#MusicMonday Review – February 2023

March 7, 2023 - Culture


#MusicMonday is the hashtag I’ve been using for quite a while to share music recommendations from up-and-coming artists. Always fresh, and always different, trying to look for trends before they become one. You can check January’s review for more music.


Thank you for flying Indie Airlines. Sit back, relax, and let us take you around the world for a glimpse of what the genre’s current state is, with a word from the artists themselves. 🎧


The Optimists – Days Gone By




These are the nights to remember
At the end of September
Running down to the end of the street
Falling over myself tripping over my feet
And I walk alone
To get back home
And the days gone by
We’ll be forgotten by the end of the night


Our monthly trip begins in the Isle of Wight, England with an Indie Rock song perfect to listen at the break of daylight, after partying all night, as band member Matt explains:


“The track lyrically came to be when we were all experiencing nights out where everything would kick off, fights, drama, and this was happening in late September of 2021. Very quickly Bolton started playing this groove which was the intro, and Jacob very quickly came up with the drums and Aaron with his guitar riffs.


It all came together quite quickly, the only part that took some time was the vocal melodies as we went through quite a few ideas for them.”




Shalom – DTAP




you got me dreaming
and i can’t control the pace
‘cause i want you with me
different time, any place


and i’m not trying
to be affected in this way
but i want you with me
different time, any place


Don’t you love the magic that happens when you dream of someone, and you don’t really care the where or when as long as the who is right? Brooklyn-based, South Africa-raised Shalom likes to talk tough, and play it cool too:


“Actually at the first show I ever played my now guitarist played her song ‘wild beast’ and it has the ‘you got me dreaming” lyric. It’s a song about wanting someone and so is dtap — all credits to my girl lizzie [Honey Girl]”.




Colour TV – Wherever You Need




Sour grapes last
As long as they last


A tourist in your hometown, style ripped from spirit
The book of your life would have graffiti in it

Wherever you need…


Back in the UK, let’s go now to Cornwall for more Indie infatuation, roughly rollerskating in the dust as dusk descends on a love in which to trust:


“It’s more a fiction than firsthand, I was inspired by a play called The History Boys… the idea is that it’s about a boarding school where the student is having a relationship with the teacher (which hasn’t happened to me 😁).


But I didn’t want to make that the only interpretation you could make, that’s just one story you could take from it.”




The Rockefeller Frequency – Karma Town




I just come to work for coffee and girls. Please don’t question me.
I spend all day, my head in the clouds. You don’t have to scream it Steve.
I need you to be nicer to me. Please don’t steal my lunch.
I’m not equipped for tragedy, at the best of times.


Coming up next, from Brisbane, Australia, an Indie track about this person that comes around, and goes around causing drama. Just remember, if you struggle with anything, just blame Steve:


“So basically it’s about Steve Jobs. 😁 Not much more to say really but by many accounts he wasn’t a particularly nice person so I guess this tune has taken that element on board for its main theme.”




Gatto Black – Keeper



And I would’ve been your keeper
But I guess that’s over now
And I would’ve built your confidence
But I’m 6 feet underground
And I’ll have died for nothing
If you don’t learn to love yourself


From Buffalo, NY, we end this month’s songs with a Post-Hardcore track that teaches us to be keepers of the love we find, patient and kind:


“When I was very young I lost my mom quite suddenly. Even though I never really knew her, losing her has had an indelible impact on my life and the lives of my closest family members. In a lot of ways this song is me saying to myself the things I wish I could have heard her say to me.


If you’ve ever lost a parent, Keeper is for you. It’s my way of saying that they’re proud of you, and they know that you’re doing the best you can.”



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