Sonja Morgan Flashes the Entire Drag Brunch, Swears She Can Explain

August 17, 2023 - Culture

While the new cast of RHONY continues to win over viewers, the OGs are still living it up.

Just because Sonja Morgan wasn’t good enough for Luann’s cabaret doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know how to entertain.

She proved that very recently. Sonja flashed the entire room at a drag brunch.

But she swears that she has a perfectly good explanation. The crowd may have gotten less of an eyeful than people imagined.

During her tour, Sonja Morgan stopped by the Queen City to flash some leg. And more. (Instagram)

If you weren’t already aware of Sonja Morgan’s tour, you certainly are now.

(We don’t think that she planned this as an advertising campaign, but she’s making the most of it)

On her Sonja In Your City “caburlesque” stop in Charlotte, North Carolina, the RHONY alum showed off just how flexible she is.

Sonja Morgan stopped by Charlotte, North Carolina to remind everyone that “sit like a lady” is open to interpretation. (Instagram)

While in the Queen City, Sonja performed some seated acrobatics on a chair.

She spread her legs, she stuck one and both legs into the air.

And, given what she was wearing, she gave everyone an eyeful. Those hot pink undergarments were hard to miss!

Taking to Instagram in August of 2023, Sonja MOrgan showed off the hot pink swimsuit that she’d worn for a somewhat infamous drag brunch. (Instagram)

However, an even more recent Instagram post promises that she can explain it all.

“In case you read I flashed everyone during my Sonja In Your City #caburlesque show,” Sonja began alongside a photo of herself in a hot pink bikini.

“You weren’t wrong,” she acknowledged. Oh, that’s a spicy start!

In her Instagram caption, Sonja Morgan offered some clarification on a viral video in which she had flashed the room at a drag brunch in Charlotte, NC. Honestly, it’s great PR. (Instagram)

“I was wearing this swimsuit under my sequin wrap robe ,” Sonja explained.

The sequin wrap robe in question, by the way, was beside her in the Instagram photo.

“However I would say the biggest challenge was the floppy chair vs a cabaret chair,” Sonja opined. “Just saying.”

Sonja Morgan wasn’t the only one having fun in Charlotte! She threw her leg up into the air at this drag brunch in August, showing off her flexibility and her hot pink undergarments. (Instagram)

“All good We always have a greeeeeaaat niiight,” Sonja then characterized.

She also promised “More cities and dates coming soon.”

And, of course, she teased that the link to all of the information that one might want is available through the link in her Instagram bio.

You ever just have one of those days where you just can’t sit straight? Sonja Morgan knows the feeling. (Instagram)

Just for context, Sonja’s performance took place on August 6. And it went down at the Ink N Ivy in Charlotte.

Charlotte is a great stop on a tour like this. It’s a population center, it’s the nation’s banking hub. And if you don’t count any of the cities in the Triangle, it’s one of NC’s best cities.

Just be aware that, if Sonja stops by your city on her tour, you might get an eyeful.

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