Vanderpump Rules Finale Stuns Viewers; Is the Show Over?!?

May 8, 2024 - Culture

So… THAT happened on Tuesday night.

Amid concern that Vanderpump Rules will be canceled because the beloved series is not scheduled to film at all this summer, Bravo aired a Season 11 episode titled “Plot Twist.”

Toward the end of the installment, a producer stated “that’s the end,” causing many to stop, ask and wonder:

Wait, was is the end end?!? Was it the series finale?!?

Vanderpump Rules cast
The cast of Vanderpump Rules season 11 poses here. (Bravo)

On the episode itself, Tom Sandoval was irate because Ariana Madix claimed his apologies — for having cheated on her with Rachel Leviss — were merely “performative.”

“This is f–king bullst,” Sandoval fumed on air.

“Ariana’s just going around saying I’m not being honest, that I’m performative. Do you know what it is? Ariana is f–king performative. She doesn’t like any of these motherf–kers. So she can f–k off saying I’m performative.”

Ariana, meanwhile, told viewers:

“He’s never tried to talk to me off camera. He could’ve written something in a f–king letter and left it on my kitchen counter and I could’ve read it at my leisure. But if you would only do it on camera, to me you just showed your true colors.”

Cast of Vanderpump Rules
These Vanderpump Rules cast members will always have a place in our heart. (Bravo)

For her part, Lala Kent grew sick of Madix bringing up this topic so often… even though the affair with Leviss was exposed just three months before Season 11 started shooting.

“I get it! He f–king cheated! You did a really f–king stty thing! It was weird how you looked us all in the eye and said a lot of sh-t,” Lala said.

“But he did not kill somebody! She moved on eight days later! Eight days! I’ve never in my life experienced someone who gets cheated on and suddenly she becomes God. Okay.”

Kent even blasted Madix for not showing her “low lows” to the rest of the cast, sounding bitter that Ariana was never “honest” with her feeling in her view.

Ariana Madix at Coachella
Ariana Madix attends the CELSIUS Oasis Vibe House on April 14, 2023 in Coachella, California. (Photo by Gonzalo Marroquin/Getty Images for CELSIUS)

In the wake of the drama, Vanderpump Rules is taking a production pause ahead of season 12, but it does sound as if there will be a Season 12.


“There’s always a possibility of a cast shakeup, or having the legacy cast members move to The Valley, but no decisions have been made yet,” a source has told Entertainment Tonight.

Looking ahead, Madix will be hosting Love Island and, in August, will make her return to Broadway… while Lisa Vanderpump likely will be filming a second season of Hulu’s Vanderpump Villa.

Will they even want to continue with Vanderpump Rules?!?

Sandoval, Tom
Tom Sandoval attends the premiere party for Season 11 of Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules” at the Hollywood Palladium on January 17, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Also looking ahead, Vanderpump Rules will kick off its three-part reunion on May 14, with subsequent episodes airing May 21 and May 28.

The official synopsis for the final part reads as follows:

The reunion comes to a stunning close when, for the first time, the cast watches the last minutes of the finale live on stage.

Ariana breaks her no contact rule with Sandoval, leaving both in tears. Scheana defends her actions and suggests her rift with Ariana started well before this summer.

Katie blames Sandoval for the downfall of her relationship with Schwartz. Lala doubles down on the comments she made during the season, leaving her friendships on life support.

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