Heather Gauthier Aka HKG Has Returned to the Music Scene With the Song “Made You Look”

September 6, 2022 - Dj Life

Supremely talented and rising music artist HKG has launched her debut single Made You Look,” which is creating a refreshing scene in the EDM and pop music genre. The song is rapidly gathering a lot of music lovers, resulting in a growing fan base of the artist. The track’s bass-boosted music combined with the deep and groovy nodes is lighting up the atmosphere in the music industry. Exceptional songwriting and breathtaking composition from the artist have become the main highlight of the song. The artist has amazed the global music community with her first-ever solo production. It has to be said that it is only a matter of time before the artist starts topping several musical charts.

Heather Gauthier, popularly known as HKG, is a resident of Chicago, United States. The artist has been associated with music for two decades now and has finally decided to come up with her solo single. The artist is not only a specialist in pop but also excels in making tracks in the electronic dance music genre as well. The artist is on a mission to provide some rock and rolling music that can cheer up the vibe among music lovers and make them groove to the beats.

Heather Gauthier is a pop music artist who has been experimenting with music for over 20 years now. Having been on the Chicago music scene for such a long time, the experienced artist understands that the music industry has become a tougher place now than before. Therefore, to provide some rejuvenation of modern pop music, the artist has embarked upon a journey once again to prove her talent and skills. With the first solo single already up and available for purchase this Friday 9/2 on every major platform where music can be downloaded.

The latest release, Made You Look,” is a song that focuses on a presentation of dark disco at its best. The wonderful subject matter and theme behind the song make it a rare production in today’s music business. The artist has collaborated with bibzmusic for the production of her first solo single. The brilliant lyrical plays synchronizing with the background music in the track go on to highlight the artist’s creativity levels. The song can be streamed by music enthusiasts across the world on the artist’s SoundCloud. Stay tuned to HKG’s profile for her upcoming release ‘The Emancipation of Queen Heather’ this October.

Song Link:  https://soundcloud.com/hkg-622759218/made-you-look

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