Newest Release by Canadian Band Third Development ‘Auras’ Turns Into a Pleasant ‘Etherea’-l Earworm for Listeners

December 8, 2022 - Dj Life

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Jennifer Stone

Third Development divulges into another ‘Etherea’ feat with their new single ‘Auras’, flaunting the lead vocals of Kintsuku and the swelling rap out-pour of Minx (U.K.).

Adding a perfect kick to a music lover’s daily playlist, Canadian band Third Development decks up the perfect platter of fiercely compelling musical munchies in their latest single Auras. The track hits listeners with an impressive impact as it celebrates the return of the talented singer Kintsuku in another collaboration with the band. The artists had previously come together during the recording of the band’s first album ‘The Thought of Tomorrow’, creating a profusion of premium musical ballads. The newest single adds to their constellation of euphonious musical repertoire with its upbeat electronica style and naturalist cosmic vibes. The band adds another surprise to the mix by bringing in the juxtaposition of smoothness with strength with the rap segment of new guest artist Minx (U.K.), which blends seamlessly with the alluring lead vocals of Kintsuku.

The emotional honesty and devotion to living in the moment, accentuated by the ever-increasing passionate strain, give ‘Auras’ an intriguing variety and angst that is characteristic of Third Development’s creativity. The song offers the perfect escape into a hypnotic realm of exalted music and fits perfectly into the ‘Etherea’ genre shaped by the band itself. Having worked with talents such as Grammy-winning Mastering Engineer Emily Lazar (NYC), the band is well-versed in the intricacies of creating legendary music, as seen in tracks like ‘Echoes’ and ‘Shining On’. Log into Spotify to stream more such tracks, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.



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