The Best Drum Sets Of 2022 That You Need To Know About Before Your Next Purchase

September 27, 2022 - Dj Life

If you are an artist, especially an instrumentalist, then finding a proper musical instrument is extremely important for the flow of your artistic expression. It becomes even more crucial if you are a drummer. Does not matter if you are a new drummer or an experienced one, finding the best working drum set is important, but not easy. With so many working models and manufacturers available in the world, it takes time and capability to find the best drum sets. Keep reading this and know the ranking so that you can find your perfect one the next time.

You can easily narrow down your research list by reading this in-depth listing of the top 7 drum sets of 2022.


Tamburo Opera Series Stave Shell (5pc)

Tamburo Opera Series Stave Shell (5pc)
image source :- tamburodrums.com

 This is best if you are looking for a prestige drum set that has a standard rock configuration. This is also an acoustic drum set that is handmade and sings out clearly and loudly. It also has an impressive snare drum with thin staves and diecast hoops. As this is a handmade product the features chromed brass tube lugs, die-cast hoops, Tom suspension mounts, and rounded bearing edges. The only thing that plays a con in its part is its limited range as it is best suitable for the rock genre.


Gretsch USA Custom Drum Set  (4pc)

Gretsch USA Custom Drum Set  (4pc)
Image source :- sweetwater.com

 This set is one of the best in the market as it has got easy tune hoops, the die-cast hoops of this set offer a complete tone that tunes in easily and stays for a longer period. This set looks very stylish and hand-finished. The drums shells are straight-sided and the cutting on it is handcrafted along with its handcrafted standing on the cutting edges. The design is a classic one with the Die-cast claw hooks being padded with the aim of buffering metal to the wood hoop contact so the tuning stays stable. The only drawback of this classic-looking drum set is that there is no snare drum; you have to buy one separately. But the sound stability, the classic look, and being able to be a part of any genre make it get a spot on this list of best drum sets of 2022.


Mapex Saturn Evolution Workhorse (5pc)

Mapex Saturn Evolution Workhorse (5pc)
image source :- sweetwater.com

 This company has been around since the 1990s, and this model is its latest one. The first advantage which is also the most significant one is that you can mix and match with this kit. If you want to get the maple walnut or birch walnut, you can mix and match it with this kit and find what works best for you. It has also got graduated plys which gets thicker with the drums getting bigger. You will find easy resonance alteration with the adjustment knob that lets you dial in or out to change the tone. This adjustable knob also acts as a built-in equalizer to dampen the shell which is perfect for recording sessions in studios.

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Tama Star Bubinga 5pc Drum Set

Tama Star Bubinga 5pc Drum Set
iamge sporce :- pinterest.com

 Being the first company to use Bubinga wood in its sets, Tama has launched this brand new set which will be one of the finest you have encountered. The sound quality is vintage and will give you a warm tone with the help of its super thin shells which is ideal if you’re playing gospel or funk genres. The response is also swift and quick and its mildly rounded bearing edge creates a robust, rich sound by connecting the head and the shell.


Ludwig Classic Oak 4 Piece Drum Set

Ludwig Classic Oak 4 Piece Drum Set
image source :- chicagomusicexchange.com

 The most interesting thing with this drum set is that you will get endless customization options which make it perfect for groups and bands. There are also three different lug choices and various mount choices along with different badge options. The styling will remind you of classic vintage and the pound kit includes retro brackets on the floor toms and classic black cortex wrap. However, this drum set is on the side of high price and its high volume usage is only suitable for the rock genre.


Sonor Vintage Rock Drum Set (3pc)

Sonor Vintage Rock Drum Set
iamge source :- sonor.com/instruments/drums

 This set has got a look of Sonor drums of the 1950s and 1960s with its rounded bearing edges. The tone is focused and dry so there is less need to intervene with muffling. The lugs are beautifully designed and are shaped as a teardrop which uses Sonor’s unique TuneSafe technology. The frequency is best suited for mid and low frequencies.


Canopus Yaiba 24 Drum Set (3pc)

Canopus Yaiba 24 Drum Set (3pc)
image source :- canopusdrums.com

 The quality is enduring as it is made from Japanese birch. Its super quality makes it suitable for studio sessions as well as playing live at gigs at such an affordable price range. The tones are super lasting and it has got a sharp attack.

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