Why Makes V aka Kim Taehyung The Most Popular Member Among The K-pop Band BTS’s Members?

January 29, 2023 - Dj Life

K-Pop or Korean Pop has taken over the world and a lot of the credit for it goes to the popular boy band BTS. The seven members of the group have worked tirelessly for several years to achieve the position they are in at present. The biggest backbone of them is their fan base, which is known as ARMY. The name that is highlighted the most in recent years is Kim Taehyung, also known as V of BTS. Did you ever wonder why? Let’s find out what makes him the most [popular among the 7 boys.

 Besides the obvious reasons for him being an amazing singer and dancer, let’s look at some of his peculiar yet enjoyable habits.

The adorable habit of chewing imaginary gum

 The beloved Christmas Tree singer has a habit of chewing imaginary gum and the fans find it quite adorable. The habit of his has sometimes gone to such an extent that the singer has failed to notice that he is moving his mouth for no reason. You can look up any interview, fan event, or even music videos, finding V chewing his tasty imaginary gum is a sure thing and this is one of those quirky things that the ARMY finds attractive.

 Obsession with his hair

 Yes, everyone gets it, Kim Taehyung has gorgeous hair. This is probably because the singer takes special care of it which makes it look like something straight out of heaven. But this has also made him kind of obsessed with his hair as he is seen either playing with his hair or fixing it. And there is not a single sight that does not flatter the hearts of the ARMY.


Unique finger tutting

 From the very first time that the singer performed the art of finger tutting in front of the camera, the fans have gone crazy over it. Not only does it make the fans appreciate the singer’s other talent, but they also become mesmerized by the sight of how creative and focused-minded the singer looks while doing it.

 Good looks! Good looks! Good looks!

 And to top it off, the singer looks like an ethereal being. Starting from his cute smile, and perfectly shaped hazel eyes to his unique style of carrying himself. No wonder why he became the most googled K-Pop artist of 2022!

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