7 Reasons To Be Excited About The Sci-Fi Horror’s 2024 Return

May 12, 2024 - Movies


  • From season 3’s teaser trailer promises a return to form with chilling visuals and a haunting atmosphere.
  • The show’s mysterious symbol and eerie children play a crucial role in setting up the upcoming season’s suspense.
  • Viewers can expect answers and resolutions to season 2’s lingering questions, as From season 3 aims to deliver on long-awaited mysteries.

From season 3, the latest installment of the science-fiction horror series, is set to premiere in the fall of 2024. Based on the series’ latest teaser trailer, the upcoming season of From is primed to be a return to form after a drawn-out and uneven season 2. Set in a haunting small town that traps all who enter its borders, From sees the unwilling residents of its woodsy hamlet plagued by terrifying creatures and tasked with uncovering mind-bending secrets. One of the show’s protagonists is Boyd Stevens (Lost‘s Harold Perrineau), the self-appointed sheriff of the township.

Unfortunately, From’s characters uncover more questions than answers…

In the From season 2 finale’s cliffhanger ending, two of From’s key characters, relative newcomers Tabitha Matthews (Catalina Sandino Moreno) and the abrasive Jade Herrera (David Alpay), trek into the forest surrounding the Township to find answers. Unfortunately, they uncover more questions than answers: Jade sees visions of unsettling children lying on rocks, while Tabitha is drawn into the forest’s mysterious lighthouse — one that may be a portal to the world outside the Township. Elsewhere, Boyd destroys the music box playing From’s haunting nursery rhyme. With few resolutions, the sophomore outing of From sets up an exciting season 3.

7 From Season 3’s Teaser Trailer Is Deliciously Chilling

Harold Perrineau as Boyd Stevens looks up in awe while hiking through the woods in From

With a mournful and chilling tone, From season 3‘s trailer hints that the show’s upcoming entry will be even more haunting than previous seasons. The trailer opens with Boyd carrying an unseen body on a makeshift gurney, and then cuts to shots of terrified townspeople, a dusty ventriloquist’s doll, and, of course, the haunting woods. The teaser culminates in Boyd screaming and shouting in desperation. While From season 2 may have been a bit uneven — and unwilling to answer any of the series’ looming mysteries — the third outing looks to capture the atmosphere and thrills viewers love most.

6 From Season 2’s Ending Set Up A Bigger Season 3

Characters in From season 2 stand outside a diner and look shocked

The cliffhanger ending of From season 2 hints that the cryptic show will finally answer some of its biggest mysteries. While Jade’s visions and connection to the symbol remain difficult to understand, the sophomore season shows that there may actually be a way for the Township’s residents to escape the boundaries of the hamlet. Although Tabitha’s fate remains up in the air, her apparent disappearance from the Township will certainly push other characters to take action and try to find a way out of the nightmare. As time goes on, the series needs to raise the stakes instead of deepening its mysteries, and From season 3 seems to know that.

5 Tabitha’s Fate & What It Means For The Town’s Inhabitants

Tabitha's family looking concerned on the road outside an RV in From

As of season 2’s cliffhanger ending, it’s unclear what really happened to Tabitha after she was pushed out of the lighthouse. She wakes up in a hospital outside the Township’s grasp, but, unfortunately for her and everyone else who’s still trapped in the woods, no one seems willing to believe Tabitha’s outlandish story. Without any means of reuniting with her family, Tabitha may be pushed to seek help from the outside. Viewers know that Victor’s mother, who also vanished from the town, was headed toward the lighthouse the last time she was seen, meaning she could also be living in the real world.

4 The Lighthouse In From Might Be A Portal

Tabitha at the lighthouse in From season 2

When Tabitha is pushed out of the lighthouse, she wakes up in the real world. As mentioned, Victor’s mother was also headed for the lighthouse when she vanished from the Township. The true nature of the lighthouse is not yet clear, but it seems like the structure is a portal of sorts — a space that connects the nightmarish realm of the Township with the outside world. How and why certain people are drawn into the Township isn’t yet clear, but From season 3 has the perfect opportunity to delve into the worlds’ tenuous connection now that Tabitha’s disappearance will draw all eyes to the lighthouse.

3 The Show’s Strange Symbol Makes A Return In From Season 3

The strange symbol in From season 2

More than the previous entry, From season 2 explores the strange symbol that seems to have some power over the Township’s residents. In the sophomore outing, Jade becomes obsessed with the symbol, which he saw carved into a tree during a vision. Afterward, Jade draws the symbol again and again, even recreating it with glass bottles in order to see the image in three dimensions. Eventually, this leads Jade into the Township’s tunnels, where he finds children on rock slabs, chanting “anghkooey”. Above them, the symbol appears, twisted in tree roots. The true nature of the symbol needs to be interrogated in From season 3.

2 More Haunting Children Will Appear In From Season 3

The Boy In White waves in the forest in From season 2

Between the chanting children that Jade discovers and the Boy in White that leads Tabitha to the lighthouse portal, the series is full of haunting children doing mysterious things. From season 3 needs to get to the bottom of whom the children in the tunnel are and how they connect to the Township’s larger history and lore. As for From‘s Boy in White, it’s possible that the strange figure chose to appear to Tabitha for a reason. Although the children in From are tied to creepy horror tropes, that doesn’t mean they’re bad news.

1 From Season 3 Needs To Provide Some Answers If It Wants To Excel

Harold Perrineau as Boyd Stevens in a promotional image for From

From Fatima’s mystery pregnancy to the theory that the Township is merely a cruel experiment, From season 2 sets up big questions that the third outing needs to delve into further. The sophomore outing’s slow-burn approach, which only deepens and adds to the show’s questions without providing a whole lot of answers, caused the second season to feel a bit uneven. If From season 3 wants to reach season 1’s heights, it needs to provide some answers to questions that have been looming since the show’s start. Otherwise, viewers will start to feel frustrated. That said, From season 3 looks like it will deliver on these long-awaited mysteries.


season 3 will premiere in fall 2024.

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