Abbott Elementary’s Tyler James Williams Talks Filming Gregory’s Awkward Bar Scene In The Latest Episode, And I’m Still Cringing Just Thinking About It

May 7, 2024 - Movies

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Abbott Elementary Season 3, Episode 11, “Double Date.”

The latest episode of Abbott Elementary definitely brought some awkwardness, but it was mostly for Tyler James Williams’ Gregory Eddie. It’s no secret that he has had a thing for Janine Teagues since they first met, and Janine and Gregory’s relationship has been complicated throughout the first three seasons. Things only got more complicated in Season 3, Episode 11, “Double Date,” when Gregory went on a date with a paramedic played by Lana Condor, and they saw Janine at the same bar. Now, Williams is opening up about filming that uncomfortable moment, and I’m cringing just thinking about it all over again.

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