Below Deck Fans Are Divided On Which Crew Member Was In The Wrong During The Season Finale’s Heated Car Ride Argument

May 29, 2024 - Movies

Below Deck fans have been incredibly vocal about their feelings regarding Season 11’s nonsensical drama, taking to social media to air their opinions and grievances almost immediately. Most of the time, they’ve been in agreeance. For instance, they all seemed to agree that Fraser Olender was this season’s villain and even banded together to support the new chef after the interior team tried to outrank him. However, reactions to a car argument in the finale have definitely been a mixed bag.

As many witnessed last night, Season 11 ended with heated back-and-forth that broke out between 2nd Stewardess Xandi Olivier and Stewardess Barbie Pascual while on the way back to the yacht after their final night out. It’s not the first time these two have disagreed, as they’ve been getting on each others’ nerves the entire season. However, it did mark the first time they really got into it. While the crew seemed to rally behind Xandi, the fans are having a harder time deciding which crew member was actually in the wrong. 

Xandi And Barbie Get Into The Worst Argument Of The Season 

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