Conor McGregor Steals Road House Away From Jake Gyllenhaal, And Is The Main Reason To See The Remake

March 9, 2024 - Movies

Jake Gyllenhaal’s remake of Road House rode into Austin for the SXSW Film Festival on a wave of minor controversies. The film’s director, Doug Liman, took shots at Amazon Prime Video for deciding not to give the movie a proper theatrical release. It will be available to those with a Prime Video subscription beginning on March 21. That brouhaha prompted Gyllenhaal to step in and say that Amazon was alway clear in its intent to go streaming with Road House, even though he respected Liman for defending their film, and championing the theatrical-going experience. These ripples would amount to nothing once Road House was released, so long as the film ended up being good. Entertaining movies tend to silence the noise.

Well, Road House is good. Just not great. It entertained the opening night crowd at the SXSW 2024 film festival… though that generous crowd tends to lose its mind at any film that’s marginally better than, say, Madame Web. But the adrenaline buzz that accompanies almost every festival screening should subside by the time Road House hits Amazon Prime Video, and people start to realize that outside of Conor McGregor playing a gonzo fighter for hire, the remake packs little punch. 

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