Cursed Techniques Like Gojo’s Limitless, Ranked

February 13, 2024 - Movies

Among the cursed techniques of the Jujutsu Kaisen (JJK) world, the Limitless technique of Satoru Gojo looks one of the most powerful and impressive. Nevertheless, some other cursed techniques in the series are almost as strong as it.

In this article, we will review, compare, and rate some of these powerful techniques. Let’s look into their unique abilities and ability to do just as well, if not better than the strength of Limitless. Prepare yourself for an interesting journey as we list the cursed techniques in descending order. From the least powerful to the most fearsome, here are some epic techniques.

Idle Transfiguration

At number five, we have Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration, an inherent technique that allows him to manipulate souls. Mahito can change and twist souls with one touch, resulting in mortal injury to his enemy. His domain expansion, the self-embodiment of perfection, caters to the same technique, enabling him to manipulate the souls without having any physical touch. Domain’s sure-hit effect increases the power of Idle Transfiguration, turning Mahito into a fearsome enemy. Although not equated with limitless, the power to manipulate souls gives Mahito an advantage in fights.

Ten Shadows Technique

The fourth seat is taken by the Ten Shadows Technique, a genetic talent of the Zenin clan. With shadows serving as a medium, this technique allows the user to summon ten distinct shikigami at a time. Each Shikigami comes with unique abilities and different strength levels. However, the real power of the technique is in its domain extension, which has not been witnessed much yet. Mahoraga, the Divine General, was the last hope of the Ten Shadows Technique, able to work through every phenomenon. The historical record of the battle between the Ten Shadows Technique and Limitless shows that this technique was able to stand by the power of Limitless itself.

Star Rage

The third place on our list is occupied by Yuki Tsukumo with Star Rage. As a Special Grade Sorcerer, Yuki has gained an interesting ability to create imaginary mass in her body or her Shikigami, Garuda. This enhances her striking ability with improved speed. The distinction of Star Rage is the possibility that it can create black holes with the capacity to destroy a whole world, a feat yet to be seen by the fans. Given the uncharted territories of its domain expansion, Star Rage is capable of matching the power of Limitless.


Rika, the powerful cursed spirit that can be summoned by Yuta, takes second place. Being linked to him on a spiritual level, Rika blessed Yuta with boundless amounts of cursed energy that allowed her to fight by his side or on his behalf. Because she is the Queen of Curses, Rika has incredible strength, and she can even match Sukuna in his prime. Having such awesome power at their command, a cursed technique such as Rika’s could potentially match the power of Gojo’s technique itself.

Sukuna’s cursed technique

At the top of our list is the cursed ability closest to Gojo’s Limitless, the enigmatic skill of Ryomen Sukuna. Although the full extent of Sukuna’s cursed technique is unknown, his strikes are very lethal. Strikes like Cleave and Dismantle, and the ability to spew fire arrows that incinerate enemies on contact, are truly formidable. With his domain expansion, Malevolent Shrine, Sukuna’s power is at its height. The vast destructive force and sheer power of Sukuna’s cursed technique grant it the closest competition with Gojo’s Limitless.

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