DC/MonsterVerse Crossover Debuts the Ultimate Superhero Titan

March 22, 2024 - Movies


  • Justice League battles the MonsterVerse’s Titans with Lex Luthor in control of Mechagodzilla
  • Beast Boy transforms into a Kong-like Titan to help Justice League in their battle against monsters.
  • Beast Boy’s new Kong form could be the game-changer the Justice League needs to defeat the Titans.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #6!As the crossover between DC Universe and MonsterVerse nears its dramatic conclusion, a classic hero is taking a bit of inspiration from the Titans. For some time now, the Justice League has been doing its best to keep the monsters at bay, but it hasn’t been going well.

From Superman being defeated by Godzilla to Lex Luthor seizing the mighty power of Meachagodzilla, the DC Universe’s heroes have been on a major losing streak. But one ambitious hero isn’t taking this attack lying down and he’s borrowing some inspiration from the Eighth Wonder of the World to save the DC Universe.

How the MonsterVerse and DC Universe Collided

The unexpected trouble for the DC Universe began all thanks to the Legion of Doom, who were tired of their repeated losses to the Justice League. Lex Luthor crafted a bold new plan to defeat the League by pilfering Superman’s Fortress of Solitude of some of its greatest treasures. But while Lex intended to take a Mother Box and Orion’s Astro-Harness. However, the Toyman messed with the Dreamstone and accidentally transported some of DC’s greatest super-villains to the MonsterVerse, where they discovered the terrifying power of the Titans.

Toyman, seeing the potential of the kaiju, used the Dreamstone’s power to transport them back to the DC Universe where they began making a huge mess in some of the world’s most iconic locations. Scylla terrorized Central City, Behemoth attacked Themyscira, and Godzilla made a beeline for Metropolis to take on the Man of Steel. Superman fought the King of the Monsters and the battle ended in Godzilla’s favor after a blast of atomic breath critically wounded Superman and put him in intensive care.

To their credit, the Justice League did their best at holding back the Titans’ threat. Batman and his allies managed to take down Camazotz and Wonder Woman and Donny Troy subdued Behemoth. They even took Godzilla off the board by shackling him down in the deepest part of the ocean using Nth metal. However, the League was unaware that Lex was in the middle of re-creating and improving on Mechagodzilla and created a mental link with the oversized automaton to defeat the Justice League once and for all.

Beast Boy Becomes Kong’s Doppelganger with Amazing New Form

Beast Boy Becomes Kong DC

In Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #6 by Brian Buccellato, Tom Derenik, and Christian Duce, the DC Universe’s greatest heroes assemble to discuss the situation. While Godzilla is secured at the bottom of the ocean, the League has no clue where Kong is and they’re currently tracking three Titans that are headed straight for Metropolis. As the League prepares for war, Scylla, Behemoth, and Tiamat gather in Metropolis and follow the orders of their new apex leader, Lex Luthor’s new and improved Mechagodzilla.

But the Justice League is ready and Batman debuts a giant new mecha, powered by the Flash’s Cosmic Treadmill. Batman’s robot isn’t alone as the Green Lantern Corps work together to jointly create a Green Lantern Robo construct. The League figures out who will take on who and a giant battle erupts. While DC’s heroes take an early lead in the figure, the tide turns when Supergirl and Kong appear on the scene, both of whom are now under the control of Gorilla Grodd.

Kong’s power proves to be too much for the Green Lantern Robo, and the great ape rips off one of the arms before breaking the Corps’ concentration and destroying the construct. Kong moves on to assist Luthor’s Mechagodzilla in fighting Batman’s mecha, which gets the attention of Beast Boy. Just after Kong knocks Batman’s robot down, Beast Boy steps in, now a huge, Kong-like kaiju himself. Gar lands a solid punch on the side of Kong’s face, bragging that Kong’s “got nothing” on Beast Boy.

Beast Boy’s Kong is Far More Successful Than His Last Kaiju Form

Beast Boy Mind-Wiped into Garro DC

Beast Boy turning into a kaiju in this non-canon story comes hot on the heels of his most recent transformation. In “Beast World”, the Earth was invaded by a powerful alien known as a Necrostar that could only be repelled by a Star Conqueror like Starro. Beast Boy pushed his powers well past their limits and turned himself into a hulking alien that successfully defeated the Necrostar. However, Beast Boy’s troubles really began when he was mind-wiped in this form, leaving him stuck in his destructive ‘Garro’ form.

It’s interesting that in the span of just a few months, Beast Boy found himself in two situations that required a similar solution: Using his powers to become an oversized monster. It’s even more interesting how wildly different these two scenarios went. While becoming Garro helped save the world from the Necrostar, Beast Boy inadvertently put the world at risk with this transformation. Gar’s Kong, on the other hand, was much less risky to the world, though it wasn’t as effective beyond landing a punch on the real Kong.

While it wasn’t Beast Boy’s fault for what happened during “Beast World”, transforming into a Kong-like ape was a much smarter play. For one, his size and strength would be a lot easier to control if he got out of hand (as he did when he was Garro). Also, unlike Garro, Beast Boy’s Kong form can’t replicate or create spores, which made a bad situation worse after Gar was mind-wiped. Becoming a Kong-like Titan was a smart, on-the-fly decision for Beast Boy and it might be able to help turn the tide in the Justice League’s favor.

Beast Boy’s Kong – A Last-Minute Hero?

Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong Cover DC

It looked like Beast Boy was done in by a punch from Supergirl, but he’s survived worse. If he’s still up and about, having a Kong-sized Titan on the Justice League’s side could be a real game-changer. If Beast Boy is half as strong as the real Kong, then that’s some serious muscle for the League. Sure, Godzilla might be the King of the Monsters, but Kong is arguably the second greatest Titan in the MonsterVerse and Beast Boy could be a serious asset with Kong’s strength.

Lex Luthor has several Titans, including an upgraded Mechagodzilla, at his disposal. As strong as DC’s greatest heroes are, they’ve struggled against the Titans and need comparable power. Beast Boy is probably the only hero who can summon that kind of strength in an instant with his new form. While it remains to be seen what will happen in the DC Universe and MonsterVerse’s final battle, the League’s personal Titan could be the asset that will help the Justice League achieve victory.

Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #6 is available now from DC Comics.

Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #6 (2024)

Green Lantern Cops Fights Kong DC

  • Writer: Brian Buccellato
  • Artist: Christian Duce and Tom Derenik
  • Colorist:Luis Guerrero
  • Letterer: Jimmy Betancourt
  • Cover Artist: Drew Johnson

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