Gen V Season 2 Is Losing The One Thing That Made The Boys’ College Spinoff Work

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  • Gen V
    season 2 risks losing its uniqueness by straying from the collegiate setting that made season 1 distinctive.
  • The intertwining of
    Gen V
    The Boys
    in season 2 may make the spinoff show feel too similar to its parent series.
  • Despite the main cast being imprisoned at the end of season 1, there are ways for
    Gen V
    to maintain its original themes in season 2.

Gen V showed the world of The Boys through a new lens, but the superhero spinoff show risks making its second season less special. The Gen V season 2 cast will be almost entirely composed of the familiar faces from season 1, which is great news. However, there’s another brilliant facet of the show’s debut installment that’s already been teased to have been removed from the follow-up. So, while Gen V season 1 may have provided a fresh perspective into the world of Billy Butcher and company, the next part of the story could be a little less innovative.

All the Supes in Gen V have a wide range of powers, and exploring some of the unique and even familiar abilities is one of the most compelling parts of the show. Although this level of variety is a great piece of worldbuilding, it’s nothing that can’t be experienced in The Boys. Instead, one of Gen V‘s other biggest strengths lies elsewhere within the show’s formula. Unfortunately, it appears as if Gen V season 2 will be cutting back on that particular aspect of the story.


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Gen V’s Season 1 Ending Set Up A Non-College Ending For Season 2

Homelander’s arrival changes the course of The Boys’ spinoff show

Gen V season 1 initially seemed that while it was aligning itself with the continuity of The Boys, it was also isolating itself from its parent show. Other than the odd reference and subtle cameo, most of the show’s run abides by this original implied intention. However, the ending of Gen V season 1 thrust its characters into the main world when Anthony Starr’s Homelander shows up at Godolkin University. With Marie Moreau and her friends imprisoned by Homelander and Vought in the finale, it becomes much less likely that Gen V season 2 will be set on campus.

The ending of
season 1 thrust its characters into the main world when Anthony Starr’s Homelander shows up at Godolkin University.

The presence of Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher in the mid-credits scene also lends credence to the theory that Gen V season 2 will tie in with The Boys season 4. The intertwining of the two shows, while exciting, makes it more likely that Gen V season 2 won’t be set at Godolkin, which was the key location in making the first season so interesting. Seeing the young Supes learn how to act in the spotlight was a great addition to The Boys‘ universe, so it’s unfortunate that the show seems to be abandoning the premise so soon.

Gen V Season 2 Not Being At Godolkin Makes The Show Too Similar To The Boys

Gen V had a unique feel in its first season

Emma, Marie, and Cate all looking worried in Gen V

Gen V is a welcome presence in The Boys‘ TV universe. The tone of both shows is unique enough to set them apart, and yet they’re still very clearly related. Gen V season 1’s college setting helped a great deal in differentiating the show from The Boys. While the events of Gen V have largely been confined to the Godolkin campus so far, The Boys has a much wider scope. Broadening Gen V‘s horizons in season 2 means it will feel too much like the show from which it spawned.

The coming crossover between both shows would arguably have been more rewarding if Gen V had run for longer and established itself more solidly before combining its story with The Boys. As it stands, Gen V had just developed its own identity before having it change course during the final moments of season 1. Going forward, the spinoff show stands the possibility of becoming almost inseparable from The Boys.

How Gen V Season 2 Can Recreate The College Vibe (Despite Season 1’s Ending)

Cate could be pivotal to Gen V reclaiming its original setting

Cate with bloodshot eyes in Gen V season 1 episode 8 during fight on campus

Despite the main cast of Gen V being imprisoned during the season 1 finale, there are still ways the show can return to its roots and focus on its collegiate themes. For instance, a new wave of characters could join the show, and the story could be split between their time at Godolkin and the escapades of Marie and her friends. While this runs the risk of the show having too many characters, it could still create an interesting dynamic.


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There could also be an in-universe quirk that resets the show’s formula ahead of season 2. Maddie Phillips’ Cate Dunlap has incredibly powerful memory manipulation abilities, and her allegiances have already shown to be possible to manipulate. As such, Cate’s powers in Gen V could be used to wipe everyone’s memory at Godolkin and the cast could return to their lectures. Although the truth would inevitably come out regarding what happened, the investigation that takes place to uncover the facts in Gen V season 2 would be more unique than just copying The Boys.

Gen V
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Gen V
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The Boys
seasons 1-3 are also on Prime Video, with season 4 beginning on June 13, 2024.

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