I Know What You Did Last Summer Sequel Writer’s Latest Update Will Excite Longtime Fans Like Me

March 7, 2024 - Movies


’90s horror fans rejoiced at the news that a sequel to the 1997 cult classic I Know What You Did Last Summer was in development and cheered even harder after hearing that O.G. stars Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr. were planning a return to the slasher genre, reprising their roles as franchise heroes Julie James and Ray Bronson. (Alas, FPJ’s co-star and real-life wife Sarah Michelle Gellar likely won’t be returning to the franchise, as she says her character is “dead dead.”)

And it looks like things are really moving with the sequel, with screenwriter Leah McKendrick giving an update to Collider about the Jennifer Kaytin Robinson-directed flick. It seems like the fan-favorite summer horror franchise is in good, protective hands with the scribe, who told the outlet that her “love is so deep” for the original movie. 

More than anything I thought, ‘Because my love is so deep for I Know What You Did Last Summer, I have to protect it. I must protect it. I can’t let this be, like, cheesy and a cash grab.’ Not that anybody was gonna make it that, but you would get it, Perri. When it’s like they’re rebooting something that you love so deeply from your childhood, you’re like, ‘I know how we can do this and not make it cheesy, and it can stay true to the mythology, and we can bring back the OGs, and it can be a culmination.’ You have all these ideas.

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