Logic1000 on Motherhood Transforming Her Ahead of Debut Album ‘Mother’

March 7, 2024 - Music

Samantha Poulter had her first child, a daughter named Genie, in October of 2022. In a way, the Australia-born, Berlin-based electronic music producer is about to again give birth. Due March 22 through Because Music, her debut album, Mother, is 11-tracks of cerebral, underground-leaning house music that contains elements of the many facets of femininity. The music is no doubt a product of Poulter’s transition into the album’s titular role.

“Since becoming a mother, I feel this overwhelming sense of womanhood and sisterhood,” she says. It makes sense then that her album is populated by female collaborators including Rochelle Jordan, whose velvet vocals are featured on the lush “Promises” and Miami-based singer MJ Nebreda, who brings an alluring heat to “Every lil.”

“If hearing the story about my transformation during motherhood inspires someone to look deep within themselves and think about how they want to grow and transform,” Poulter says of her vision for the project, “that will make this album successful to me.”


Samantha Poulter took piano lessons as a child but “didn’t like that formal type of training,” she says. Yet she dreamed of being a performer, taking inspiration from Michael Jackson and 1990s-era British pop star Peter Andre. She had a keen ear from a young age, too: “I’d be like, ‘I would do this differently,’ and have ideas about how music should sound without the training to communicate that or create it myself.” That changed when she started producing electronic music in her early 20s, weaving high school-era influences like Destiny’s Child and Aaliyah into her cerebral productions.


Poulter and her husband, DJ-producer Tom McAlister, started producing electronic music together in 2016 when she “felt there was a lull” in what she was listening to. She asked him if they could “have a go at making something together that reflects what I want to hear,” and in 2019, she released her self-titled debut EP as Logic1000. It included “DJ Logic Please Forgive Me,” which Four Tet played in his 2019 Coachella set, instantly raising her profile. “That was a huge moment for me,” she recalls, “and it snowballed from there.” She was soon enlisted to officially remix Flume, Christine and the Queens, Major Lazer and Caribou, leading to her own Coachella set in 2022. Come March 22, Logic1000 will release her debut album, Mother, which was supported by a recent Boiler Room set filmed in Melbourne, Australia.


Now based in Berlin, Poulter gave birth to her daughter, Genie, in 2022. The experience of pregnancy and parenting deeply influenced the lush, intimate Mother. Poulter, who has always been candid about her mental health, found the early postpartum period challenging: “I was up and down and so hormonal, but also had this insane energy to achieve things and create this album,” she says. She ended up in a period of burnout, taking 10 months off touring, but feels prepared to dive back in. “Once I realized that this is actually my dream job, it gave me the drive, energy and courage to just do it,” she says, “but with that practical advice of it being on my own terms.”

A version of this story originally appeared in the March 9, 2024, issue of Billboard.

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