I Liked Ishana Night Shyamalan’s The Watchers, But Cannot Get These Unanswered Questions Out Of My Head

June 10, 2024 - Movies

Major spoiler below for the horror thriller The Watchers, so tread through the forest carefully if you haven’t yet watched.

Before drilling down into the questions that have themselves been drilled down into my own brain, I want to make two things quite clear. First, I think The Watchers is a fun, spooky, and interesting movie from first-time feature director Ishana Shyamalan — read my review here — and agree with other critics’ overall assessment that she showcases some of her father M. Night Shyamalan’s talents. I want this movie to get big box office numbers. So I’m not attacking what’s there, but more needlessly obsessing over what isn’t there.

My second point: I do realize that Ishana Shyamalan’s based The Watchers on the novel of the same name written by A.M. Shine, and that the source material also doesn’t answer the majority of the questions I have about the adaptation. So there’s no blame being thrown around. I just want some clear answers before I start doing my own research in a cursed forest. Now let’s get to drilling.

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

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