Jacob Batalon Teases The Aftermath Of The Angel’s Arrival In New Episodes

April 30, 2024 - Movies

EXCLUSIVE: Reginald the Vampire star Jacob Batalon hints at the aftermath of the angels’ arrival in season 2, teasing what’s to come in new episodes.

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  • Jacob Batalon reveals how Reginald must protect vampires from angels trying to destroy them in
    Reginald the Vampire
    season 2.
  • Despite winning in season 1, Reginald faces new dangers, having to defeat them despite his status among the other vampires.
  • Season 2 will be crazier, deeper, and more emotional while maintaining a comedic charm.

Reginald the Vampire star Jacob Batalon has teased what’s to come in season 2, hinting at how the aftermath of the angels arriving will impact the upcoming episodes. Season 1 ended with Reginald succeeding by managing to pass his assessment, but with plenty of twists and turns in the story throughout. This includes the revelation that angels are going to be trying to destroy the vampires, bringing a new danger to the story for next season.

Speaking with Screen Rant, Batalon explained how Reginald the Vampire season 2 is going to deal with the arrival of angels, and what it means for the show’s tone and story moving forward. The actor explained how this new danger will be up to Reginald to stop, even if he’s still a pariah among his fellow vampires. Check out what Batalon had to say below:

Yeah, we see that Reginald wins at the end of season 1, but we’re immediately faced with this eminent danger of the angels. The angels are coming to basically try to wipe us all out, so it’s up to Reginald again – for some reason – to save everyone even though they don’t want him.

It’s definitely crazier and a lot deeper and a lot more emotional, but it still has the same comedic charm that the first season had.

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