James Gunn Reacts To Ryan Gosling As Batman In Superman: Legacy Rumor

January 17, 2024 - Movies



  • James Gunn dismisses Batman casting rumor for Superman: Legacy.
  • Gunn’s reaction makes it clear that Ryan Gosling playing Bruce Wayne is not true.
  • The DCU’s Batman will debut in The Brave and the Bold movie.

James Gunn has addressed the new Batman casting rumor for the DC Universe, reacting to a possible Bruce Wayne appearance in Superman: Legacy. While there will be many DCU heroes in Superman: Legacy, Batman is unlikely to be one of them, with Gunn saying in the past that Bruce Wayne’s DCU debut would happen in The Brave and the Bold movie. Still, many rumors have come out about the DCU Batman, and the latest of them included a movie star playing Bruce in the Superman reboot.

On Threads, Gunn shot down the rumor that Ryan Gosling would play Batman in Superman: Legacy.

On Threads, James Gunn uses an annoyed emoji to confirm that Ryan Gosling playing Batman in Superman: Legacy is not true

The rumor started after the Superman: Legacy cast on Letterboxd included Gosling as Bruce Wayne / Batman. Gunn then used an eye-roll emoji to shoot down Gosling’s casting as Batman in the Superman DCU reboot film. Gosling is just the latest on a long list of rumored actors to play Batman in the upcoming DCU movies.



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There Is A Fan-Favorite Actor To Play The DCU’s Batman

Custom image of Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy looking at Batman from the comics.

Jensen Ackles is the leading favorite among fans to play the DCU’s Batman. The actor has shown his desire to play the character on multiple occasions and has the physicality and acting skills for the role. Besides, Ackles is the current voice of Batman in DC’s animated Tomorrowverse continuity. While there is a lot in the actor’s favor, Gunn debunked a rumor that Ackles had been cast as the DCU’s Batman.

Ackles’ casting as Batman would not be the only DCU rumor regarding who would play Bruce Wayne to be debunked by Gunn. The DCU’s creative chief also revealed there was no truth to the claim that John Krasinski would play Batman. Gunn explained that The Brave and the Bold had no script yet, which made casting Batman for the film impossible.


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Gunn also debunked the possible returns of Batman actors Robert Pattinson and George Clooney as the DCU’s Bruce Wayne. Clooney’s cameo in The Flash ended up generating some confusion; however, it was just a fun moment. In Pattinson’s case, Matt Reeves’ The Batman universe will exist as an Elseworlds story, separate from the DCU canon. Lately, rumors about Reacher‘s Alan Ritchson playing Batman have gained traction. It remains to be seen if Gosling or any of the rumored actors will play the DCU Batman in The Brave and the Bold.

Source: James Gunn/Threads

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