Kapil Talwalkar Won’t Return for Night Court’s Second Season

January 2, 2024 - Movies


  • Kapil Talwalkar, who portrayed court clerk Neil Valluri in Night Court‘s first season, has exited the series as it takes a new creative direction.
  • Talwalkar’s character had a potential love story with Judge Abby Stone, played by Melissa Rauch.
  • Marsha Warfield, who played bailiff Roz in the original Night Court series, will guest star in the second season debut episode of the revival.

Night Court won’t see one of its main characters back for its sophomore season. Kapil Talwalkar, who starred as court clerk Neil Valluri in the reboot’s first season, has exited the series. According to Deadline, Talwalkar’s exit comes as the comedy ventures “in a new creative direction;” season two is expected to follow closer in the original sitcom’s path by showcasing “different personalities, characters and perspectives.”

Aside from being a key player in Judge Abby Stone’s courtroom, Talwalkar’s character also served as a possible romantic interest for Abby. In a previous interview with the publication, Melissa Rauch, who portrays the Judge in the series, discussed how the series’ first season had set up a potential love story between the two characters:

“She’s in this relationship with Rand, which is a part of her life before she comes [to NY] and she’s really trying to hold on to that. We hear her talk about him a lot. But as she’s finally finding her footing in New York and realizing what she wants, she’s also coming to terms with what she wants in her relationship, too. And it also sets up a sort of love triangle with Neil and what the potential there could be in his feelings for her—which we will discover down the line and see how that unfolds,” she said.

Talwalkar has not commented publicly on his exit. The actor, who appeared on NBC’s Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist before joining the Night Court cast, has several upcoming projects in the works. Among them is Jeff Liu’s Operation Othello, a futuristic adaptation of Shakespeare‘s Othello and Paper Flowers, an indie based on a viral HuffPost story about a 22-year-old’s battle with cancer.

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Neil is Out, but Roz is Back

Marsha Warfield in jail with John Larroquette in Night Court on NBC

While Talwalkar will noticeably be absent when Night Court returns this week, one addition to the series will excite fans of the original sitcom. Marsha Warfield, who starred as bailiff Roz from the fourth season and through the comedy’s concluding ninth season, will appear as a guest star for the revival’s second season debut episode.

In an exclusive interview with MovieWeb, Warfield spoke about reprising the beloved character:

“It’s familiar and it’s new. It’s like walking into your yearbook picture. It’s surreal in that way, but it’s also very flattering to even be asked to come back. There are a lot of people who did a lot of shows who probably wouldn’t be welcome if they rebooted them. So, I’m blessed in that area.”

Her return reunites her with John Laroquette, the only actor from the original series to also star in the reboot. Warfield says that reuniting with Laroquette is “like seeing an old friend again.”

Night Court‘s second season, with an episode aptly titled “The Roz Affair“, premieres on NBC on Tuesday, January 2, at 8/7c and is available to stream the next day on Peacock. The first season is available on the streamer.

The original series, which starred Harry Anderson, Laroquette, and Richard Moll, is available on Amazon Prime.

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