Mandy Moore Gets Candid About Filming Grey’s Anatomy’s Hospital Shooting Episode: ‘Everybody On Set Was Walking On Eggshells’

December 31, 2023 - Movies

Grey’s Anatomy has featured a number of notable guest stars over the course of its 19 seasons (some that we’re sure you’ve forgotten about), and that includes Mandy Moore in a four-episode arc. Years before portraying matriarch Rebecca Pearson on This Is Us, Moore appeared in the final episodes of Season 6 — in which an active shooter injured and killed a number of the Seattle doctors. Moore talked about her experience on Grey’s Anatomy, recalling how everybody was “walking on eggshells” amidst the serious subject matter.

The two-part Season 6 finale, “Sanctuary” and “Death and All His Friends,” are two of Grey’s Anatomy’s best episodes, and Mandy Moore didn’t just witness that moment in TV history — she was a part of it. Moore played Mary Portman, who was a patient under Miranda Bailey’s (Chandra Wilson) care at the time of the shooting, and Moore told AV Club what it was like to be offered a role for that iconic storyline: 

I was a big fan of the show. When I got the call, and I was talking to Shonda Rhimes herself as she was walking me through the part, I thought, ‘Wow, this is special.’ How could I have passed up the opportunity? I had such a great time despite the intense subject matter. I felt like everybody on set was walking on eggshells because nobody had filmed an episode like the season six finale before. It was outside of the norm for the cast and crew as well, so it felt even more heightened. Then they brought me back in season seven for one episode to make my character die after she survived all that. [Laughs].

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