Mandy Moore Visited With Tangled Characters At Disneyland, And Her Kid Was Apparently Unimpressed

December 21, 2023 - Movies

Bringing a popular character to life on a movie screen is likely a humbling experience, but seeing that character brought into the physical world, like at a theme park, has to be something else entirely. The only thing more humbling has to be when your kid is unimpressed that you’re a Disney Princess. Just ask Mandy Moore.

Moore, who’s the voice of Disney’s Rapunzel in Tangled, recently visited Disneyland Resort with her son Gus. One has to assume that Moore was excited to introduce her son to the character that she played in the movies, but when Moore posted the picture of herself and her son with Rapunzel and Flynn, it came with the reveal that apparently the kid isn’t impressed with mom’s Rapunzel connection. She said… 

Gus isn’t interested in Tangled and really couldn’t care less that mom and Rapunzel are ‘close friends’. Now if I knew Lightning McQueen, that would be another story. Thanks for having us @disneyparks- you are always magic but seeing the world through Gus’s eyes is a whole new ballgame.

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