‘P. Diddy’s On The Bottom Of The List Of People I Wanted To Meet, Especially After Finally Meeting Him.’ That Time Conor McGregor Got Real About Running Into Sean Combs

April 26, 2024 - Movies

It’s been a few weeks since P. Diddy made headlines after his home was raided and he was detained in a Miami airport. News broke later the rapper was under investigation for sex trafficking, and in the time since some of his associates have been implicated and questioned. Meanwhile, as an investigation continues, some stories about the rapper and other celebrities have started running around the internet, including a time UFC fighter –and now actor in his own right – Conor McGregor called Sean Combs an “ass.”

McGregor has residences in Ireland and often trains in Reykjavík, but he’s a man with a pretty global existence, and there was a period of time he was living and training in Las Angeles. There, he met some famous celebrities, including Arnold Schwarzeneger, whom he had a favorable opinion of, and Diddy, whom he he didn’t. Speaking on the Irish version of Late Late Show a few years back, McGregor spoke about meeting the rapper, and it does not sound like a super pleasant experience.

P. Diddy’s a little up his own ass to be honest.

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