Power Girl Teams Up with DC’s Coolest “New” Team (Whose Origins You’ll Never Believe)

June 2, 2024 - Movies


  • The Holliday Girls, including Lobo’s daughter Crush, team up with Power Girl in her fight against Brainiac’s Czarnians.
  • Formerly seen as sorority sisters, the Holliday Girls are now portrayed as a biker gang helping Power Girl.
  • This new gang of Holliday Girls, including Crush, prove to be strong and unexpected allies to Power Girl in facing Brainiac’s forces.

In her latest Metropolis adventure, Power Girl is joined by classic Wonder Woman allies, the Holliday Girls, in a thrilling team-up no fan should miss. This surprising original lineup for the 1942 group features Lobo’s daughter, Crush. Originally introduced as members of the Beta Lamda sorority at Holliday College in Washington, this encounter with Power Girl styles the Golden Age Holliday Girls as a benevolent, all-girl biker gang.

The new, modern Holliday Girls, who join Power Girl in her fight against Brainiac’s Czarnians in Power Girl #9 by Leah Williams and Eduardo Pansica, are an eclectic group of bikers. Among their number is Crush, daughter of Lobo, who herself is a Czarnian who fights using a sentient chain called Obelus.

This gang, while made of different individuals than previously portrayed, tell Power Girl that they heard about her from Etta Candy, who currently works with A.R.G.U.S. on superhuman research. When the rioting Czarnians invade the bar that Power Girl and the Holliday Girls are debriefing in, this girl gang doesn’t shy from the mayhem, making the perfectly unexpected Power Girl allies.

Power Girl
#9 is part of the ongoing Superman crossover event
House of Brainiac
, which fans can follow in the pages of
Action Comics
, whose current issues are available now from DC Comics.


Power Girl’s Hilarious NEW GIRL Nod Highlights Her Perfect Sitcom Energy

Power Girl and New Girl aren’t an obvious pair, but the connection they share brings readers closer to understanding the former’s comic book series.

Wonder Woman’s Allies, the Holliday Girls, Team Up with Power Girl

The Pre-Crisis Holliday Girls Helped Wonder Woman Fight Nazis

The Holliday girls were created by William Moulton Marsten for 1942’s Sensation Comics #2 and were originally led by a friend of Wonder Woman, Etta Candy. However, this 2024 appearance isn’t their first reincarnation as a biker gang. In Wonder Woman #780 by Michael W. Conrad, Becky Cloonan, Travis Moore, and Tamra Bonvillain, a different set of leather-clad biker Holliday Girls celebrate Wonder Woman’s return. Though the Holliday Girls haven’t always looked this tough, their history sets the stage for this latest incarnation.

Historically, the Holliday Girls made their debut under leader Etta Candy, helping Wonder Woman distract Axis spies while she rescued Steve Trevor. These sorority sisters go on to assist Wonder Woman and the United States Army Air Force on multiple adventures, gaining a reputation for hunting Axis spies. Etta and her team are granted use of an Amazonian Mental Radio, a device that lets them call Wonder Woman for help. However, on a number of occasions, the Holliday Girls actually need to rescue Wonder Woman, either from Nazis, Dr. Poison, or even from Mars, the God of War.

As a Biker Gang, the Holliday Girls Will Be Formidable Allies to Power Girl

Follow the Action Next in Power Girl #10, Available June 25th

In Power Girl #9, Power Girl and Crush become separated from the Girls’ leader, Dal, and the rest of the Holliday Girls, but the hostage situation comes across as more of a standoff. Dal orders Crush and Power Girl to retreat from the bar even with a Czarnian’s knife to her throat. Brainiac’s forces, armed with nanoblasters that bring technology to life, are a serious threat to the city while Superman hunts Brainiac. Power Girl, who typically works with the Superman Family to defend Metropolis, will find strong allies among this rag-tag group of experienced fighters, and hopefully this isn’t the last time fans will see them team up.

Power Girl #9 is available now from DC Comics.

POWER GIRL #9 (2024)

  • Writer: Leah Williams
  • Artist: Eduardo Pansica
  • Inker: Júlio Ferreira
  • Colorist: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
  • Letterer: Becca Carey
  • Cover Artist: Yanick Paquette, Arif Prianto

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