Ted Season 2 Update Shared By Seth MacFarlane & Showrunners

January 15, 2024 - Movies


  • Seth MacFarlane and the showrunners are open to a possible Ted season 2, but it depends on audience demand and appetite.
  • There are plenty of stories left to explore in the Ted series, including the character’s teenage years and the transition to college.
  • Reviews for the Ted prequel have been mixed, but it could potentially return for a second installment due to the franchise’s popularity.

Ted season 2 is addressed by Seth MacFarlane and showrunners Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh. Marking the directorial debut of MacFarlane, the first Ted movie debuted in June 2012. The comedy, telling the story of a childhood bear come to life, Ted proved to be a hit that garnered a sequel and a seven-episode show for Peacock that debuted in January.

In an interview with TheWrap, Walsh and Corrigan talked about the chances of Ted season 2. MacFarlane indicated that it would depend on the audience’s appetite. Walsh and Corrigan added that those conversations have taken place, elaborating on what those future chapters could consist of. Their quotes are below:

MacFarlane: “I think we felt after ‘Ted 2’ that maybe the appetite for Ted in that forum was not quite as ravenous as it was after the first movie. So I don’t know, there would have to be a reason to do it. There has to be an audience for something like this. You don’t want to just keep rehashing the same character if no one’s watching. I guess there’s a lot of that today anyway, but it’s not really our first order of business, there really has to be an appetite.”

Walsh: “We’re certainly open to it. I think there’s a ton more stories to explore. I mean, we have this teenage, going into early 20s young man that is going through all these experiences and also has his family around him. We’ve told, what, seven stories so far? There’s plenty of room to explore and we’d love to explore it.”

Corrigan: “This season is the junior year of high school. You can easily see senior year of high school or the beginnings of college, or what that looks like if it is college or not. I think it’d be great to explore that.”

What To Know About The Ted Prequel

Seth Macfarlance as Ted wearing a backpack going to school n in the Ted Prequel Show

The Ted series unfolds in 1993, after the opening sequence of the first film, and it follows the early life of the sentient bear. Ted lives with John Bennett and his family in Massachusetts, which includes John’s father, Matty, his mother, Susan, and his cousin Blaire who attends a nearby college. MacFarlane is returning as the voice of the titular teddy bear, but a few key roles from the film have been recast.

The Ted cast includes Max Burkholder (Parenthood) plays John. In the film, the character was played by Mark Wahlberg. John’s mother and father are also recast, now portrayed by Euphoria‘s Alanna Ubach and The Orville actor Scott Grimes. As for Blaire, a new character for the Peacock series, she’ll be portrayed by Legacies alum Giorgia Whigham. Behind the camera, MacFarlane serves as the creator, writer, and director.


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Reviews for the Ted prequel have been mixed. But there is a general agreement that the prequel will scratch an itch for audiences that enjoyed the movies and enjoy MacFarlane’s brand of humor. Given the high-profile splash it made for Peacock, the comedy could potentially make its way back for a second installment.

Source: TheWrap

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Ted is a prequel TV series to the comedy franchise of the same name by Seth MacFarlane. The TV show brings MacFarlane back as the voice of the talking teddy bear Ted, who is growing up in the ’90s with John Bennett and his family. Ted is a Peacock original series that premiered in January 2024.

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Seth MacFarlane , Brad Walsh , Dana Gould , Jon Pollack , Julius Sharpe

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