The Good Doctor Season 7 Episode 9 Trailer Reveals The Return Of An Original Character

May 8, 2024 - Movies


  • The Good Doctor
    season 7, episode 9 brings back the character Claire Browne, but her joy is short-lived with a shocking diagnosis.
  • The trailer hints at a potentially tragic ending for Claire as the series finale approaches, fitting with the show’s themes.
  • While the fate of Claire remains uncertain, her storyline will likely revolve around her diagnosis and its impact on Shaun.

The trailer for The Good Doctor season 7, episode 9 reveals the return of the original character, Claire Browne (Antonia Thomas). The former surgical resident at San Jose St. Bonaventura Hospital was a main character in season 1. She exited the show at the end of season 4, choosing to stay in Guatemala to care for those less fortunate. Claire made a surprise guest appearance in season 5 when she revealed that she was offered the Chief of Surgery job in Guatemala and accepted it. Now, the character will seemingly make a shocking return in the penultimate episode before the series finale.

In a trailer from ABC (via TV Promos) for The Good Doctor season 7, episode 9, “Unconditional,” Claire returns to the show, knocking on Shaun’s (Freddie Highmore) door to reconnect with him. Check out the promotional trailer from ABC below:

The clip features Claire’s joyful return, but the excitement is short-lived when Shaun reveals the biopsy results. It is then revealed that Claire has tested positive for breast cancer. Clips include Claire looking pensive in bed, as well as a separate plot that includes Shaun confronting Dr. Glassman about his decision to prescribe drugs to a patient living at his home.

Will Claire’s Return End In Tragedy As The Good Doctor Nears Its End?

How Will This Impact Shaun In The Good Doctor?

While the loss of Claire would be devastating for Shaun, it fits with the show’s themes and the realities of the medical world, where it is not possible to save everyone.

The trailer has set the stage for the dreaded outcome that Claire could die as the show reaches its series finale. With the medical drama concluding, one shocking death in season 7 has already occurred. It was Dr. Wolke (Noah Galvin), one of The Good Doctor‘s most likable characters. With just two episodes of the show remaining, it does seem the ABC show is setting the stage to kill off another popular character as part of the series’ denouement.


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However, Claire may likely survive by the final episode. Instead, most of the story for the final two episodes may revolve around the prognosis, treatment, and outcome of Claire’s diagnosis. Had the show continued beyond season 7, the chances of Claire’s survival would probably be higher, but a bittersweet ending for the series could be the direction the writers want to go. While the loss of Claire would be devastating for Shaun, it fits with the show’s themes and the realities of the medical world, where it is not possible to save everyone.

The series finale will likely tie up any loose plot threads and end with emotionally draining and uplifting story arcs. The show has always focused on Shaun, particularly with him being neurodivergent, so the loss of someone like Claire will provide a personal struggle, yet highlight that loss is part of being a human and the ability to cope. Claire’s fate remains to be seen for now, but the trailer suggests The Good Doctor‘s final season could end with tragedy.

The final two episodes of

The Good Doctor

will air on May 14 and May 21 on ABC at 10 pm.

Source: ABC (via TV Promos)

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