Walton Goggins Reveals The Scene That Really Sold Him On Fallout Season 1: ‘It Was Terrifying’

April 27, 2024 - Movies

In the desolate and unpredictable world of video game adaptations, actors are often attracted or deterred by factors like the script, the director, or the development of a character. For Walton Goggins, it was a particularly compelling scene in Amazon’s adaptation of Fallout— one of the most significant video game series adaptations on the 2024 TV schedule and perhaps in history — that sold him on the show. This scene not only terrified him, but it also captured the emotional intensity and harsh realities of a world facing destruction, convincing him of the project’s merit.

The First Scene Of The Show Terrified The Ghoul Actor

In the latest video game adaptation by Amazon Studios, Walton portrays a very complicated guy known as the Ghoul. Initially introduced as a divorced father and actor, his character undergoes a dramatic transformation into the noseless, swaggering cowboy of the Wasteland. 

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