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January 16, 2024 - Movies

Batwheels Season 2 is an American animated superhero children’s television show that was created by Michael G. Stern. On September 17, 2022, the 37-episode first season of HBO Max made its premiere, and on January 8, 2024, Season 2 of Batwheels debuted following a few special episodes.

Here’s how you can watch and stream Batwheels Season 2 via streaming services such as HBO Max.

Is Batwheels Season 2 available to watch via streaming?

Yes, Batwheels Season 2 is available to watch via streaming on HBO Max.

Under the guidance of ‘Bam’, aka ‘The Batmobile,’ the Batwheels, consisting of Bibi, The Batgirl Cycle, Red (The Redbird), Jett (The Batwing), and Buff (The Bat Truck) must confront the challenges of maturing as a newly established super team and as children.

Ethan Hawke plays Batman in the series, along with Gina Rodriguez as Catwoman, Jacob Bertrand as Bam the Batmobile, Xolo Maridueña as Snowy the Snowcrawler, Mick Wingert as Moe, AJ Hudson as Duke Thomas/Robin, Madigan Kacmar as Bibi, Noah Bentley as Buff, Lilimar as Batwing, Kimberly D. Brooks as The Batcomputer, and Leah Lewis as Cassandra Cain/Batgirl.

Watch Batwheels Season 2 streaming via HBO Max

Batwheels Season 2 is available to watch on HBO Max. HBO’s new streaming platform, Max, will offer an even larger selection of episodes to stream, including series on true crime, culinary, lifestyle, and reality television that you may not be familiar with. When it comes to a broad selection of entertaining films, television series, and specials, Max is the one to watch.

You can watch the show via Max, formerly known as HBO Max, by following these steps:

  1. Go to HBOMax.com/subscribe
  2. Click ‘Sign Up Now’
  3. Choose your plan:
    • $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year (with ads)
    • $15.99 per month or $149.99 per year (ad-free)
    • $19.99 per month or $199.99 per year (ultimate ad-free)
  4. Enter your personal information and password
  5. Select ‘Create Account’

Max With Ads provides the service’s streaming library at a Full HD resolution, allowing users to stream on up to two supported devices at once. Max Ad-Free removes the service’s commercials and allows streaming on two devices at once in Full HD. It also allows for 30 downloads at a time to allow users to watch content offline. On the other hand, Max Ultimate Ad-Free allows users to stream on four devices at once in a 4K Ultra HD resolution and provides Dolby Atmos audio and 100 downloads.

The synopsis of Batwheels is as follows:

“The Batwheels are a team of sentient super-powered crimefighting vehicles that help Batman, Robin and Batgirl—as well as a host of additional DC Super Heroes—keep Gotham City safe. Created only recently by the Batcomputer, our mechanized heroes must navigate the growing pains of being a newly formed super-team as well as the growing pains that come with just being a kid.”

NOTE: The streaming services listed above are subject to change. The information provided was correct at the time of writing.

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