What Happens to Ji Chang-Wook?

May 22, 2024 - Movies

Ji Chang-Wook and Nam Ji-Hyun starrer Suspicious Partner is a rom-com wrapped in a thriller mold. Every episode has a new twist and turn, making it more interesting. He plays Noh Ji-Wook, a passionate prosecutor, and Ji-Hyun portrays Eun Bong-Hee, a rookie justice department intern.

The story revolves around Bong-Hee and Ji-Wook’s intertwined fate, their love story, and a series of murders. When Bong-Hee, after being accused of killing her ex-boyfriend, seeks Ji-Wook’s (Ji Chang-Wook) help, he readily risks his career to save her. In the process, he even gets demoted. However, he helps her clear her name, but amid all the chaos, they stick to each other to find the real culprit. Will they be able to do so? What happens at the end?

Suspicious Partner: Does it have a happy or a sad ending?

Much to viewers’ satisfaction, the drama does have a happy ending, but after going through a lot of hurdles. After getting to know Bong-Hee, Ji-Wook decides to help her. He appointed Ji Eun-Hyuk (Choi Tae-Joon), his best friend and family member, to take up her case. Torn between career and justice, after freeing Bong-Hee from the accusation, he resigns from his position. Later, he starts to work at his adopted father’s firm.

In the meantime, Bong Hee finds it difficult to earn money from her profession after parting ways with Ji-Wook. A while later, they meet again, and she joins his firm. They get a murder case of a famous chef and decide to take it up. Their case is on defendant Jung Hyun-Soo, and they go against the prosecutor Cha Yoo-Jung (Kwon Na Ra). Yoo-Jung has a past with Ji-Wook and Eun-Hyuk. The three of them have been friends for a long time. While Ji-Wook and Yoo-Jung were ex-lovers, Yoo-Jung and Eun-Hyuk had an affair.

As the story unfolds further, Ji-Wook and Bong-Hee’s love story blooms. However, soon, Ji-Wook, who suffers from temporary amnesia, starts to recover his memories from the night of his parent’s death. He thinks there’s some connection to Bong-Hee’s parents regarding the accident. They drift apart and eventually break up. But it turns out that because of her parents, he was saved that night, and later, they died while trying to save his parents. He further figures out that his confession was tampered with by the present-day District Attorney.

Suspicious Partner: Ji Chang-Wook and Nam Ji-Won get a happily ever after

In the final episode, Ji-Wook brings his prosecutor charm and pins accusations on Jung Hyun-Soo—so much so that after the grilling and torturing in the court, he confesses his sins. The episode further shows how Bong-Hee considers her relationship with Ji-Wook and gives it another chance. He proposes to her with a ring and says, “I’ll love you forever.” To which she responds with a kiss and says, “I’ll love you forever, too.” And thus, their happily ever after begins.

Have you watched Suspicious Partner? If not, the SBS drama can be streamed on Netflix.

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