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  • The Letter for the King
    season 1 received mixed reviews but won six Daytime Emmys.
  • Amir Wilson expressed interest in returning for season 2, but Netflix has not confirmed its fate.
  • The return of main cast members like Tiuri and Lavinia is expected in season 2, possibly featuring Veridian’s comeback.

The Netflix original fantasy series The Letter for the King debuted in 2020, but the streamer has yet to release a season 2. Based on the novel of the same name by Tonke Dragt, The Letter for the King follows a young squire who is tasked with delivering an important message to the king, who lives across the perilous mountains. Offering a more family-friendly alternative to fantasy shows like Game of Thrones, The Letter for the King is an example of Netflix’s growing young adult programming and continues its long line of high-profile genre series.

While the show stuck faithfully to the beloved Dutch novel, the series received a mixed critical reception (via Rotten Tomatoes) from the English-speaking world. Despite that, season 1 of The Letter for the King snagged six Daytime Emmys, including Outstanding Directing and Outstanding Single Camera Editing. What earned the series praise during season 1 was its scope, and though plot lines were seemingly resolved, the larger world of The Letter for the King goes on. The ending of The Letter for the King season 1 was a mixed bag of resolutions and new beginnings, and it seemed to indicate that season 2 was on the way.

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The Letter For The King Season 2 Latest News

Amir Wilson Wants To Do Season 2

Amir Wilson in Letter for the King Season 1 on Netflix

Even as years pass without any news, the latest update comes as star Amir Wilson expresses his desire to return for The Letter for the King season 2 (via Digital Spy). Wilson starred in the first season as the intrepid messenger Tiuri but was disappointed when Netflix allowed the series to lapse into limbo. “If Netflix were to do a season 2 of it, I would jump to it straight away,​​​​​​​” said Wilson, “There was talk of season 2 when we were filming it, but I just don’t think it ended up happening.

The Letter For The King Season 2 Is Not Confirmed

Netflix Has Not Canceled Or Renewed The Show

Tiuri swings a sword on horseback in The Letter for the King

Despite debuting in 2020, no news has come regarding the fate of The Letter for the King season 2. Though that seems to spell doom for the fledgling fantasy series, it has neither been confirmed nor officially canceled by Netflix. While all indications seem to suggest that the show will not be returning, it is still on the table even after years have passed since its inaugural season. While they are completely different series, the long-running Netflix original Black Mirror was in limbo for several years between seasons 5 and 6, but the anthology series did eventually return after nearly half a decade.

The Letter for the King
season 1 aired all 6 of its episodes on March 20, 2020.

The Letter For The King Season 2 Cast

Who Could Return?

The cast of The Letter for the King is comprised of a host of young stars, and for season 2 to be successful, they would need to return en masse. Since Tiuri’s journey is the crux of the story, Amir Wilson will likely return to reprise his role. Additionally, his companion and ally Lavinia, played by Ruby Ashbourne Serkis, would likely return as she was the main co-star of the series and had a strong character arc herself.

The entire expected returning cast includes:


The Letter For The King Role

Amir Wilson


Ruby Ashbourne Serkis


Thaddea Graham


Islam Bouakkaz


Jack Barton


Nathanael Saleh


Gijs Blom

Prince Veridian

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The Letter For The King Season 2 Story Details

What Could Happen In Season 3?

Veridian looking sinister in The Letter for the King

Season 1 ended with Tiuri succeeding in his mission to deliver the message to the king, and darkness was seemingly vanquished. However, Veridian had only been temporarily defeated and would return to hound the heroes once again. Season 2 of The Letter for the King would likely see Tiuri adjusting to his new knight status, and the return of Veridian would probably take up the bulk of the story. The novel The Secrets of the Wild Wood was published as a sequel to The Letter for the King, and the series could pull its inspiration from the beloved book.

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