Bachelor Recap: Joey Can Handle Having Feelings for Multiple Women

February 14, 2024 - Music

Bachelor Recap Joey Graziadei Gives the Best Answer for How to Navigate Falling for Several Women 124

Joey Graziadei.
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Season 28 Bachelor Joey Graziadei impressed Us with one answer on the Tuesday, February 13, episode of the ABC series.

Tuesday’s special episode picked up where the Monday, February 12, installment left off — with Lea taking over for Sydney in the drama with Maria. After Lea gets the final rose of the first rose ceremony of the night, Edwina and Allison are sent packing.

When the group moves from Malta to Spain, Kelsey A. gets taken away on the first one-on-one date after Joey pulls a Paolo (from The Lizzie McGuire Movie) and arrives on a vespa. After a candid conversation about the death of her mother, Joey gives her a rose. On the group date, Jess tries to win over a rose by painting an engagement ring during a painting exercise, but Joey ultimately rewards Maria for being candid about ups and downs with her parents (and a near-fatal car accident).

Rachel secures the second one-on-one date, learning a Flamenco dance with Joey (à la the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) and getting a rose as the twosome discuss what it’s like to be a partner to a nurse (Rachel’s profession).

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Joey’s standout moment from the episode for Us comes during the cocktail party. While the tennis pro hasn’t necessarily been a pro at navigating all of the tension between the women in the mansion, his conversation with Daisy about how the series works stood out.

Bachelor Recap Joey Graziadei Gives the Best Answer for How to Navigate Falling for Several Women 123
Disney/John Fleenor

“Everyone’s here, like, trying to find their person,” Daisy says to Joey. “Obviously, there are a lot of feelings involved with a lot of people. So, like, how are you doing with all of it?”

Joey admits that he struggles “at times” with navigating having feelings for several women. Then, he does something the past several Bachelors have failed at — gives Daisy validation while managing expectations about how this long-running program works.

“I’m always there and trying to express and be there for their feelings. I think my wife is here and until I figure that out, it feels wrong that I’m expressing and talking through those feelings with someone else. But the root of it is right and I have the right intentions, and I mean the best through it,” Joey says. “What I always going back to and what helped me through this on the other side too is — what better way to have confidence in the relationship than to have the person choose you in the sea of all these amazing people?”

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Daisy clearly feels seen by his remarks. “That’s true,” she says before admitting that she didn’t know the competition would be so fierce. “I didn’t think coming into here that there would be so many amazing people.”

Joey jokingly gives Daisy a hard time about being so confident before he tells her: “I hope you’re doing OK.”

“I am,” she replies. “Like I said, there’s no place I’d rather be, honestly.”

During the second rose ceremony of the episode, Autumn and Madina are eliminated as Maria appears to spark a new feud — this time with Jess, who is angry that Maria stole time with Joey despite having a rose.

For more on The Bachelor, which airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET, listen to Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast.

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