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August 15, 2023 - Music

This article was written in partnership with Power.

If you haven’t heard of Power, you will learn about his work spanning various creative mediums like music, film, art, and more. Power is one of the latest artists aiming to take stardom beyond their home-run viral moment. 

Power is building an inclusive community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about being your best self. Power’s world leads straight into the first lesson of self-care: “self-respect.” Unlike the “be yourself” narrative we have heard for quite some time, Power is focusing on the best self; he is sober, mentally and physically fit, focused, and intuitive. He hopes that by showcasing this mentality through his music and lifestyle, he is empowering his fans to do the same.



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

This is the type of fan base Power sees making a difference. He is an artist that will meditate for hours a day, and then write a head banging hip-hop song in one sitting. In Power’s debut EP, “Love & Hate,” the artist delves deep into his personal relationships and break-ups. The two track project includes “Next to Me” and “Love Crime” which both explore the contrasting themes of the EP’s title.

Power understands the importance of leveraging technology to connect with his audience. Teaming up with director Aman Bhatia, the duo has created short films that transcend traditional music videos captivating young audiences everywhere. Power is engaged with these fans online, communicating through chats and comments and fostering community.

Power is not just an artist but a purpose-driven beacon in the scene. Fundamentally inspiring a community of dedicated followers to be their best selves, this debut artist is putting his name on the map and defending his message with every ounce of scrap he’s got. Power’s message is an anomaly in a sea of popular artists who mystify fans rather than inspiring them. His forward-thinking and wellness-focused mission is a perfect match for brands who are looking to connect with fans without incurring risk.

In a world longing for authenticity and meaningful connections, brands can find in Power the talent they need to engage and uplift audiences while aligning with the growing demand for social responsibility and resilience in 2023 and beyond.

Listen to Power’s debut project HERE and stay tuned for his upcoming releases.

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