Behind Scenes With Scooter Braun, Survivors

May 6, 2024 - Music

Six months after hundreds of concertgoers were killed at Nova Music Festival, remnants left behind are on display in New York City as part of an immersive exhibition titled The Nova Music Festival Exhibition: October 7th 06:29 AM. Billboard News interviewed a few survivors at the exhibit before its April 21 opening.

Scooter Braun:
This could have been any festival in the world, and there’s been so much going on there that people don’t understand what happened here.

Ofir Amir:
We want to show the world that we are strong and we will band together.

Daniel Dvir:
Music is my life. Music is everything for me. I was at The Nova Festival on Oct. 7. It was Friday night, I went with some friends to the Nova Festival in Israel — it was a holiday for us. And we went to celebrate, celebrate life, celebrate music.

Lee Sasi:
I went to Israel on vacation, and it was going to be my first nature party. So I went with my family members, we were a group of seven. And we all had the best night ever. Everyone was so friendly with one another, coming up to you just talking to you like we all knew each other. But really, we didn’t. And the music was wonderful and spectacular.

Natalie Sanandaji:
Me and three friends arrived at the festival around 1 a.m. At around 3, we decided to take a rest at our campsite, which is right by the dance floor. You can still hear the music. And we decided to rest and wake up for the sunrise set, which is supposed to be the best part of the festival. And instead of waking up to the sound of the sunrise set music, we woke up to the sound of rockets.

Daniel Dvir:
Thousands of rockets over our heads, suddenly they turn off the music.

Watch the full video above.

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