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December 12, 2022 - Music

Ted Jasper’s new project, Berlioz, is my up-and-coming new favorite act when it comes to all things house. “miro” is a lofi / deep house track that ticks all my boxes: great vocal sample, check! Brass done right: check! Beautiful beats: checks! Makes me want to dance: check!

With the quality of music that Ted Jasper / Berlioz releases, it’s clear to see that there is a great artistic mind behind it. Fitting then, that the vocal sample on “miro” details the process of artistry, obsession, and the creative process. Speaking to the track, Jasper explains:

“[I used] an interview on one of my favourite painters ‘Joan Miró’ to paint my own musical picture.”

Looking for a track to share with your friends that will almost always be a hit? This is your failsafe.

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