Burt Hussell – High Desert :: Indie Shuffle

March 18, 2023 - Music

Here’s something a little trippy that caught my attention. I debated putting it into my Concentration playlist, but at the end of the day I think this one deserves a feature all on its own.

Burt Hussell’s name is obviously some sort of play on Kurt Russell. Not really sure where to go with that, so I’ll just move on…

In my struggle to put my finger on who this reminds me of, I’d actually say the introduction of strings midway through the 2 minute mark reminds me of Radiohead (on the albumKing Of Limbs?). Not entirely sure if Burt was taking inspiration from there, but outside of that comparison I really think this stands on its own as a pretty unique piece of music.

Burt’s full album comes out on June 16th.Grab it on Bandcamp.

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