Cuco – Si Me Voy (Ft. The Marias)

April 7, 2023 - Music

Sounds like:
boy pablo, Crumb, SALES

What’s so good?

Goodbye, Goodluck, ForeverI Left my daily life through this dream-pop anthem by Cuco and The Marias – and I've been missing it ever since.Like a beautiful memory "Si Me Voy" envelops your mind, leaves its kisses, its hands holding yours, and then like a dream, the memory fades behind dream-pop guitars, whispy lyrics, and a blurry sense of reality.We all dream of people – lovers, partners, and friends – but "Si Me Voy" makes it so hard to say goodbye, it makes it so hard to let go, but in the end, just like a dream. Everything fades, it's just good to know this song is going to be around forever.

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