Don’t Make Me Go Wrong :: Indie Shuffle

May 22, 2023 - Music

Serving up some good ol’ indie goodness with Moritz’ “Don’t Make Me Go Wrong” — a catchy track that’s sweet as sugar and quirky in all the right ways.

This is a very ‘Indie Shuffle’ track if ever there was one. It’s fun, it’s attention-grabbing, and it can easily stay on repeat! So with the weekend underway, hit play not once, not twice, but at least three times and let the feel-goods seep all the way in.

Speaking to the track, Moritz explains:

“I remember writing this song at a moment I was just grateful for the life I was living, hence the happy character. Life was so good that I felt like my relationship could change that and mislead me on my way to my personal goals. Looking back at it now, I’ve learned to trust my gut. Let yourself go, everything is part of the process.”

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