dye – Sllow :: Indie Shuffle

March 14, 2023 - Music

Dye-dye is a music project that takes its name from a childhood blanket, inspired by the notion that as kids, we have objects we cherish but eventually outgrow, and how that pattern of love and loss accompanies us through life. After collaborating with Max Harwood (formerly of Lewis Del Mar) over the summer, Dye-dye is set to release an EP next month.

At the start of “Sllow,” beneath the mix is a racing heartbeat or a knock-on-the-door that sets the mind alert and ready to listen. The song progresses toward a chorus that puts the spotlight on the vocals, with vocal production that is perfectly wet. The constant bass and the interplay of the more-sporadic topline create a rich complexity into which a keen mind can pierce and play.

“Sllow” has been a demo sitting on the artist’s hard drive for some time and I’m just glad that it’s now out in the world.

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