EVNTYD – Quotidian :: Indie Shuffle

January 25, 2023 - Music

It’s weird how mundanity, and our day-to-day living, can be so haunting when presented back to us. With “Quotidian,” that’s exactly what Julián Berdegué (AKA EVNTYD) has done.

“Quotidian” takes the format of lyricism that feels like societal mantras — “Wake up, crack on, jump in the shower,” and “Think like they do, stay out of trouble” — which have been set against striking guitar riffs and captivating basslines that enwrap you just as strongly as quotidian existence does. Speaking to the track, Berdegué explains:

“In essence, Eventide is the somber sound of an evening commute back home. The aim is to capture and recreate the intensity of that sliver of everyday life when we are defenseless against our own thoughts and tend to be at our most reflective and self-aware.”

Highlighting the artist’s debut album, the track has been paired with amusic videothat serves as a visual feast. If this has whet your appetite for more EVNTYD, you can catch this Texas-based artist as he sets off on a short headlining tour through other Texas cities in February.

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